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Abu Hamza Arrest

Asked about the US Attorney General’s comments that Abu Hamza would face the death penalty and whether this would be a factor in the extradition process the Prime Minister’s Official Spokesman (PMOS) said that he didn’t want to comment on the individual case for obvious legal reasons. However, he would like to point out the general nature of our extradition arrangements with the US. In such circumstances, while it may be correct that an offence in the US carried the death penalty the US were aware that because of our extradition arrangements with them that the Secretary of State could not order extradition in a case where an offence might be punishable by death, unless he received adequate written assurances that such a sentence could not be imposed, or if imposed would not be carried out. The PMOS said that it was his understanding that this did not mean that the extradition could not take place but it did mean a written assurance was needed in such cases. This was part of our extradition arrangements with the US, which he believed had been updated this year, though journalists should check that with the Home Office. Asked whether the written assurance was received before or after the proceedings had started the PMOS said his understanding was that it would come latter on in the process.

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  1. The section ‘The PMOS said… needed in such cases’, is that a reiteration of the previous point or a seperate stage in the proceedings, because if it’s the latter it suggests that maybe the Government will extradite Mr. Hamza without assurances as to his final fate. And will the US prosecute Mr. Hamza if they get him or send him to rot in Guantanamo with all their other terrorist suspects?

    Comment by Loz — 31 May 2004 on 9:54 am | Link
  2. I fully understand the position of the Secretary of State though I do feel that this is a loop hole that most British voters would like addressed. If the death penalty went to a referendum, I believe that due to modern forensic techniques the voters would decide in favour of it’s return.

    Comment by James Gray — 31 May 2004 on 8:19 pm | Link
  3. The question over whether or not we should use the death penalty has nothing to do with forensic techniques. It is a matter of ethics i.e. should the state sanction murder of criminals?

    I am very glad that the UK does not have a death penalty and we should continue to oppose it in countries that do.

    Comment by Uncarved Block — 31 May 2004 on 9:45 pm | Link
  4. A state should not be permitted, under any circumstances, to put a citizen to death. Period. The system can be corrupted; that system can never be trusted completely enough to ensure that a life is not taken unjustly.

    The American system has proven this – there are cases, more than a few, where individuals convicted and scheduled for the gallows are found innocent – but almost never while they are still alive. More importantly, because a life is being taken, the system of checks and balances is more laborious than a traditional imprisonment sentence, and is ultimately far more expensive. In the US, a true life sentence is a less expensive option than the death penalty.

    Of course, there’s the possibility of getting economy of scale – but do you want to be in a country that can brag that it’s made killing its own citizens efficient?

    Besides, there are so many other solutions, used to such good effect in the U.S. – for example, handing over criminals to the military, to be trained as soldiers, as pennance for their crime instead of jail.

    And look how well that turns out.

    Let’s be frank; there are a lot of solutions to long-term incarceration, and prison in general – few of them involve killing off a handful of the huge and growing population of prisoners, and none of them involve the recreation of prison labor camps, gallows, and other medieval forms of sentencing.

    To change the man, change the system that makes the man. To remake the criminal, start over where it went wrong and get it right.

    Comment by Gregory Block — 1 Jun 2004 on 12:02 pm | Link
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  6. The inside story of how Abu Hamza was arrested
    http://www.Islamic-News.co.uk \x96 the sting web site
    Even before 9/11 I had started to take a keen interest in the activities of Abu Hamza, the imam of Finsbury Park mosque and his organisation Supporters of Shariah. Soon after 9/11 I started a sting \x91honey pot\x92 web-site called http://www.islamic-news.co.uk with the help of a friend based in America http://web.archive.org/web/20020804062340/http://islamic-news.co.uk/index.html .The web-site published radical Islamic web links that led the user straight onto other terrorist sites. I used the pseudonym Pervez Khan to contact Abu Hamza, the notorious extremist cleric of Finsbury Park mosque both by email and on the phone. I contacted the operators of other extremist web sites like the Kashmir Media Service http://www.kmsnews.org/\xA0and was soon placed on their press list. When the press statements arrived I would copy and paste them into an email and post onto to Abu Hamza at Finchley Park mosque. The\xA0idea behind my sting web site was to gain an insight at what the extremist Islamic world were plotting against the non Islamic world.
    The sting was already making good progress as I had given the FBI access to the web-stats of my site http://www.islamic-news.co.uk (now off line). Abu Hamza’s web master\xA0had placed a link from his Supporters of Shariah web-site to mine and I had given the passwords to an American diplomat in Mexico who forwarded the information to the New York office of the FBI. They monitored everyone who logged onto Islamic-news from Abu Hamza’s http://www.SupportersOfShariah.com web site.\xA0http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://supportersofshariah.org
    What many people never knew at the time and still do not know is firstly the FBI requested the Anti Terrorist Squad in London to visit my home and get a written statement giving them permission to monitor my web site traffic; and secondly that James Ujamaa Abu Hamza’s web-master was based in America. He was the first person to click on the link between the two sites after he placed it to check it was working. In doing so he revealed his I.P. address, which enabled the FBI to track him down and arrest him.

    Abu Hamza contacted for jihad recruitment videos
    I heard nothing for a bit so I made several phone calls to Abu Hamza at the Finsbury Park mosque. I spoke with him several times. He must have been on hands free? But during the calls with my limited Arabic I made it clear to him that I wanted Jihad training tapes to show other Muslims in the south of England who I could recruit and send to his mosque and to Pakistan to fight Jihad in Kashmir and Afghanistan. I would say: \x93as salaamu alaikum \x96 Can I speak to Sheikh Abu Hamza. It’s Pervez Khan, from Islamic news. I need to speak in private\x94. I would be put on hold and then Abu Hamza would come on the phone. I would say again\xA0 \x93as salaamu alaikum\xA0Sheikh, I’m the owner and editor in chief of http://www.islamic-news.co.uk as you can see we think you are doing great work we have placed your website link on our front page and we thank you for placing our link at the top of your links page. We want to help you but to do so we need your help to recruit people for the mujahideen. We want to run several local meetings in my brother\x92s house and invite a group of hand picked friends from the local mosques. We want to play your video lectures and recruitment tapes to help recruit brothers for both you and my brother\x92s work in Kashmir with the mujahideen.\xA0

    Hamza was very strange. He prayed down the phone in a manner that made me think he was quite mad. He thanked me for being a good Muslim and supporting the Jihad. Hamza was not there every time I rang Finchley Park mosque. A couple of times I rang to see where the video tapes were and a much younger person with better English spoke to me. This could have been Hamza\x92s son as he promised me the videos would be on their way soon. If it was not stupid Abu Hamza, it was his stupid son who would\xA0kick start\xA0the process for Hamza to stand trial in America.\xA0A few weeks went by and a box of audio tapes arrived and a week later a package with video tapes came via the Royal Mail. I thought at least al-Qaeda had faith in the Royal Mail to get their package to a place on time. I wondered if the Nazis in World War II used the Royal Mail and whether if the\xA0 internet had existed at the time whether they would have been allowed\xA0 to base their Nazi web-sites in the UK or America. This seemed to be the case with most al-Qaeda web-sites around 2000 to 2002.
    Arrest of Hamza\x92s web master
    Another few weeks went by and Abu Hamza’s webmaster James Ujaama was arrested on terrorism charges. At this time I did not know he was the man sat next to Hamza in one of the videos Hamza had sent me. Ujaama in the video was taking about his leader Osama bin Laden. He also talked about Dr Azzam who was bin Laden’s spiritual leader, who was killed in a car bomb in Pakistan. Ujaama appeared in the video as an angry coloured American guy that shouted support for jihad as he sat next to Abu Hamza. Ujaama was also talking about jihad in Afghanistan and was claiming the FBI had got it all wrong and he had done nothing wrong and had never been to Afghanistan. In the video Ujaama says ”When I was in Afghanistan -\xA0 when I was in Afghanistan” twice! It was clear from the tape in James Ujaama’s very own words he had been to Afghanistan and he was clearly saying al-qaeda leaders past and present were his leaders.
    It was to be several months before I could help the FBI turn the case on\xA0Ujaama and force him to plead guilty and become a supper grass for the American government. The tapes I had handed over to the American embassy in London and to the UK police had not been passed on to the FBI in Seattle USA
    The story makes the Sunday Mirror front page
    I then contacted a few weeks later a British newspaper about Abu Hamza and a senior reporter came to my house. The story made the front page of the Sunday Mirror. It was the first real anti Abu Hamza story in my campaign to rid the UK of Abu Hamza. The police came again for another statement after the video story went out in the Sunday Mirror.\xA0

    Intense diplomatic interest in tapes, but not the police
    I had these films but for some reason the British police did not want them. So I sat on them only sharing copies with diplomats of a number of embassies in London including the American Embassy. \xA0The failure of the Police to act seemed to be a possible case of \x94Not Invented Here Syndrome\x94. This occurs where an idea is rejected because it does not come from those within the group, i.e. in this case the Police. Alternatively it could have been either a serious case of the police neglect of duty to investigate terrorism offences or political correctness preventing an investigation being considered because the authorities werere terrified of being accused of targeting Muslims (extremist radical clerics). The outcome appeared to be that the police were dismissing the evidence presented to them without doing any sort of proper investigation. On one of the audio tapes sent to me, Hamza can be heard calling for suicide bombers in the UK. He used an Arabic word \x93shaheed\x94 for martyr or suicide bomber. I refer later to the anti terrorism police failing to understand this.

    In several of the audio tapes Abu Hamza was talking about Kashmir and fund-raising for jihad in Kashmir from his London mosque. The Indian military intelligence officer in London became and remains a close friend. He was attached to the High Commission and shipped the copies of the audio and video tapes to an army intelligence unit in India that monitored radical Islamic terrorist groups in India and elsewhere. I had made copies to share with other diplomats and have at hand should the British police ever became interested in following up the 50 complaints I made regarding Abu Hamza.
    The Russian Embassy also showed keen interest in Abu Hamza as he was raising funds in London for Chechen Islamic terrorist groups and supporting Chechen Islamic terrorists groups and their attacks on the Russians in his Friday sermons. I met the head of Russian TV based in London at the time as well as a Lt Colonel in military intelligence at the Russian Embassy in London in Kensington Palace Gardens. He was very impressed with the tapes I gave him and he advised me to also share the tapes with the Serbs. I was filmed by Russian TV for a news programme showing how racist Abu Hamza was using London as a base for Islamic terrorism. The Russian TV network was interested in my work over a period of several months as I was posting details on a Pravda message board about how London was being used as a Chechen terrorist base.
    Another contact I made who was extremely helpful at the time was the Ambassador for the Yemen.\xA0He was interested in the Aden bombers and other British jihadis who had been sent by Abu Hamza to bomb and kidnap in his country.http://www.al-bab.com/yemen/hamza/intro.htm\xA0
    Yemen: The Islamic Army – "bomb plot" and kidnapping
    \xA0After watching the videos whilst I was still stood in the ambassador\x92s office a formal complaint was made to the Foreign Office and\xA0Robin Cook , the Foreign Secretary. Cook never knew who was behind this complaint from the Yemen embassy. The videos showed Hamza with two of the Britons arrested for terrorist offences in the Yemen. Yet the British government demanded they be released due to Yemen’s unfair legal system. The video showed them all talking about terrorism before they left for Yemen. Time and again I was appalled that the UK authorities just did not want act on terrorism being discussed and planned in the UK.
    The Serbian military attach\xE9 was also very interested as one video showed British Muslim \xA0jihadis boasting on video that they had killed many Serbs. What he and I found sickening was how the mujahideen filmed the bombing of a Serb town and how the cameraman moved into the town and filmed the Serbs dying in the streets in pain. Another part showed Muslim faces in a prison camp, which many TV networks at the time in the west reported were civilians. But the tape showed another story as when you went through the tape the same faces came up again this time as armed mujahideen soldiers. The Muslims in the Serb prison camp were not civilians. The Hamza Serb film confirmed this. The Serbian military attach\xE9 said he was going to make a complaint to the Hague, but several weeks later he was recalled and the tape was never mentioned again.
    The Egyptian military attach\xE9 was after Abu Hamza and his followers. In one of the videos Hamza and his radical followers can be seen protesting outside the Egyptian embassy. This tape also showed a lecture given by Omar Bakri and when the meeting ended there were photo shots of some of the members who attended the meeting. The camera also picks up a faint sound of someone calling another member who is off camera. Brother Atta Brother Atta (The name of the lead 9/11 hijacker)! The film was shot before Sept 11th and there is talk in the intelligence community that nearly all of the 9/11 hijackers at some point past through London. Both\xA0Hamza’s and Bakri’s groups\xA0were regarded as a terrorist organisations in Egypt and the Yemen. They are referred to in the Yemen as the Islamic army\xA0\xA0
    Yemen: The Islamic Army – "bomb plot" and kidnapping
    \xA0: Abu Hamza and the Supporters of Shariah
    The Saudi naval attach\xE9 at the time was also interested in Abu Hamza. Many press reporters were quick to point out the Sept. 11th hijackers were Saudis. However, I got a listening ear and offer of help from the naval attach\xE9 as al-qaeda was a threat to the Saudi royal family. The Saudis knew their throne was one of bin Laden\x92s targets, but the West were still playing catch up in their understanding of the history of al-qaeda.

    I spoke to the secretary of the Israeli military attach\xE9. We got on fine as every time I rang the embassy the military attach\xE9 was out. We struck up quite a relationship of trust. So I dealt with her and agreed to let them have the video and audio tapes for them to copy. I suggested we let the embassies already complaining take the lead in doing the work. Otherwise there might be the risk that the far left and communists would start blaming the Jews and supporting Abu Hamza.
    I have briefly described how the USA, India, Russia, Yemen, Serbia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel all took an interest and expressed real concern about\xA0 Hamza and Supporters of Shariah. Yet every time the police were contacted they never wanted to act for some reason. Why was this? Why was London being allowed to become a safe haven for so many different terrorists groups and their supporters.\xA0 We have heard since 7/7 comments that there was no evidence of any involvement in terrorist activity. Yet, evidence gathered on the internet shows that there were links to the various entities if anybody at the time had taken the trouble to look.

    Hamza\x92s call for suicide bombers in Britain
    I gave the audio tapes to a freelance reporter and the story of Hamza\x92s call for suicide bombers in Britain made the front page of the Daily Mail.

    The police were unable to make sense of the 20 tapes. Why? They \xA0rang me asking about where on the tapes Hamza called for attacks in the UK. I had to explain to the senior officer to listen for the word \x93shaheed\x94, which meant martyr. I thought then what a load of rubbish our top anti terrorist officers must be if I was having to have explain things as simple as this to them. They clearly had at that time a poor comprehension of the Islamic terrorist threat.

    We now know the 21/7 bombers all went to Abu Hamza’s lectures. The audio tapes are a true record of every word he preached on certain dates. The 21/7 bombers may of been at this lecture where Hamza said why travel 100’s of miles abroad to become a suicide bomber when you can become one here in your own country. Was this lecture part the early recruitment stages for suicide bombers to strike the UK?\xA0
    Another tape was recorded in Derby. At the start of the meeting the speaker introduced Abu Hamza adding Supporters of Shariah were holding a number of lectures around the UK\xA0giving away books.\xA0

    Hamza made great use of the internet. You can see this by a quick look at the image of the UK terror network (need to enlarge it) http://aycu05.webshots.com/image/16164/2003487576264214606_rs.jpg
    Hamza used the same website as was used by the Leeds bookshop where the lead London 7/7 bomber worked.\xA0 A mainstream Muslim web site http://www.ummah.com/ummah.net initially hosted Supporters of Shariah before the organisation had its own dedicated web site

    Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri and Omar Brooks (aka Abu Izzadeen and Trevor Brooks) were all associated with a former Security Company called Sakina Security Services. This unusual organisation claimed to provide training improvised explosive devices and Jihad training. Their star product was a two week jihad training course in America. Web archive provides information on their website.
    This is the text from the above web page screen shot.
    Mr Andrew Dismore, MP had this to say about Sakina in Parliament on the 16th October 2001

    \x93I shall begin with Sakina Security Services, which was raided a couple of weeks ago. Sakina is an Islamist security organisation with extremely close links to al-Muhajiroun and Supporters of Sharia. Sakina sends people overseas for jihad training with live arms and ammunition. It is hostile to the British Government, police and security services, and regularly issues threats to British interests in the United Kingdom and overseas. It is also particularly anti-semitic and appears to have singled out the Jewish community as its direct adversary\x94.

    For the full statement see appendix 1.

    When the Police and CPS decided not act, I did
    Towards the end of his speech Dismore demanded action,
    \x93Surely it is time to take action against such extremists. The Crown Prosecution Service and the Director of Public Prosecutions have not adopted as aggressive an approach as they should have in dealing with these individuals. However, our laws must not permit companies, organisations or individuals to be used as fronts for terrorist fundraising or money laundering. We cannot permit the continuing organisation of package tours for trainee terrorists, on which they learn to kill with modern weapons and tactics. We must prevent the sending of youngsters to every troublespot around the world, where their lives are at risk or they threaten the lives of others, including British service personnel\x94.
    His words fell on deaf ears and because the Police and Crown Prosecution Service seemed not prepared to take a stand against terrorism other than the IRA I decided to take action myself.\xA0 With the help of my internet friends I started on the \x91web leak stories\x92 about the London based terrorists.\xA0I started working on a secret project of up-loading the videos to the web so as many law enforcement and media people as possible could see what I and the London diplomats from USA, India, Russia, Yemen, Serbia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel were all complaining about.
    Meanwhile James Ujaama was due in court in Seattle. The FBI did not seem to have much of a case so my American friends started asking me questions about the American jihadi sat next to Abu Hamza in the videos. Could it be James Ujaama? From looking a file photographs of him I could not be sure. The only way to be certain was for the FBI in Seattle who had not been given access to the videos by the American embassy in London to see for themselves.

    The day before James Ujaama was due in court I up-loaded the videos onto the web for everyone and anyone interested to view. With-in two hours\xA0 my friend Dr Jeremy Reynalds who worked on the sting confirmed that it was indeed James Ujaama. Here is a copy of the page. http://johnathangaltfilms.com/movie.html\xA0 The story he wrote about the videos going on line was posted all over the web.The Seattle Times soon got hold of the story and put two and two together and come up with James Ujaama like Jeremy Reynalds had.

    Only Mrs Galt, my webmaster based in America, Khalid in India and Johnathan and Jeremy Reynalds knew where to find the videos. The tip off to the newspapers and FBI came only after we all had downloaded each film onto our computers just in case the site went down. This did happen as we got too much traffic for the web server to handle..
    This was the first time the FBI had seen the Ujaama video even after 9/11.\xA0 This was one year after 9/11 and we have evidence that USA security agencies were still not sharing intelligence.\xA0 I soon shipped off the tape to the Seattle Times for them to share with the FBI. The tape took two days to get there by UPS.
    Ujaama changes plea and agrees to testify
    Ujaama soon had a change of heart once he was shown the video in court. This was the start of Hamza’s downfall. The FBI asked him to change his plea in return for a light sentence. Ujaama agreed only because he knew the video would convict him and he faced twenty years in jail. Part of his agreement with the FBI was that he had to now give evidence against Abu Hamza in any future trial and help FBI officers build a case. With-out the Ujaama video a case might never of been built against Abu Hamza But this was only one of six video and 20 audio tapes.
    Another video tape was dated two days after the bombing of the American embassies in Tanzania and Kenya. Hamza was talking about going to jihad and was sat next to two of the Britons who would be arrested in Yemen 6 months later. They were caught trying to bomb British and American interests in Aden.\xA0 One member of\xA0 the group was Abu Hamza’s own son, Mohammed Kamel Mostafa. Abu Hamza talks about kidnapping, bombing embassies and how much money the people at the meeting should leave their wives when they go abroad for jihad. This video directly linked Abu Hamza to the Yemen.\xA0 It was bagged up with the others later by the police and shipped to the FBI in New York to build a case against Abu Hamza.

    Another statement was taken which can be found in appendix 2

    The press join in the campaign against Hamza
    We now had new partners in the form of the press in the campaign to get rid of Hamza from the UK in 2000. They were doing a much better job than either the police or the intelligence services.

    When I first came across Hamza and started complaining not many newspapers were interested but as the years went by the press got more and more interested and made Hamza one of the most hated people in the UK. Hamza\x92s praise about the African embassy bombings was racist as most of the victims were in fact black Africans who were near the embassies when the blasts happened.
    I heard some good reports via the Indian High commission from their counter parts in America about the Hamza case. The senior officer I knew at the Indian high commission was good friends with the American senior officer and was told\xA0there will be movement soon.\xA0I was asked if I could keep feeding the press with Hamza stories via my group of on-line spies. We used a freelance reporter who made quite a bit of money from\xA0our\xA0information to make sure the American embassy in London had all the tapes. I took a train to London and went in person to the American embassy to hand copies of the tapes to the secretary of the legal attach\xE9.\xA0
    Hamza\x92s arrest
    In the end the news broke about\xA0 Abu Hamza. He was arrested in London by the police on an American arrest warrant as a direct result of the tapes that I had supplied. The arrest warrant came from New York as it was the port of entry of Ujaama, another of Hamza’s followers into America when they tried to set up a jihad training camp in Bly Oregon (see ultimate Jihad training above). My role in Hamza\x92s arrest was reported on CBS News on 16 August 2004. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2004/08/16/eveningnews/main636344.shtml
    Everyone was happy the British police were forced to act on Abu Hamza, but then came the interesting stuff. When the police raided Hamza’s home with the American warrant they tripped over loads of boxes of videos and audio tapes just like the ones I handed to them 3 years before and like the ones the Americans were using in New York for the arrest warrant.1000’s of tapes in total. It was only when they found the tapes that the Police and CPS acted and charged Hamza in the UK. When all the commotion was going and there were calls for action to be taken against Hamza very few people aware that the Police had the evidence all the time but failed to investigate properly what they had and take action. Hamza is due in court next month to face the extradition charges to the USA. Sooner or later the truth about the Hamza tapes and the embarrassing fact that the Police had evidence on Hamza, all along but failed to act will come out. \xA0

    The truth was the UK police and Crown Prosecution Service failed to act on Hamza even when they had been given the information in the form of video and audio tapes to convict him.\xA0 Abu Hamza or his Son in the end helped the FBI build a case against him by posting me the videos showing him together with James Ujaama.\xA0 These same tapes have already helped in the conviction of\xA0 James Ujaama, who will be a key witness if Hamza is extradited to the USA and is put on trial.

    Abu Hamza faces a fast-track extradition
    The Times of 18 May 2007 reports that Hamza faces a fast track extradition to the USA.

    \x93The US indictment included a charge that Abu Hamza \x93did aid, abet, counsel and procure\x94 Abu Hassan, who led a terrorist hostage-taking in Yemen in 1998 in which four hostages \x96 three Britons and an Australian \x96 were killed. Mr Keith said that when the hostages were being held, calls had been made from Abu Hamza\x92s West London home to the kidnappers\x92 satellite phone. Other charges brought by the US relate to an attempt to establish a jihad training camp in Bly, Oregon, in late 1999 and early 2000.

    Mr Keith said that the camp was designed to be a place that Muslims \x93could attend to receive military-style training to fight jihad\x94.

    Abu Hamza sent two aides to London to help to set up the camp and gave one of them \xA34,000 to finance the scheme.

    Another charge relates to sending Feroz Abbasi, a Muslim student from Croydon, South London, to a training camp in Afghanistan.\x94

    \xA0Source: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/crime/article1805597.ece

    Abu Hamza should never of trusted Pervez Khan aka Glen Jenvey.

    Link to audio tapes
    Appendix 1
    Statement of Mr Andrew Dismore, MP to Parliament 16 October 2001

    Source: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200102/cmhansrd/vo011016/debtext/11016-15.htm
    Mr. Andrew Dismore (Hendon): I wish to address the concerns that many of my constituents, not least those from the Muslim community, have raised with me about the activities of the fundamentalist extremists in London who have sinister international links and provide support, aid and comfort to the Taliban and bin Laden. I first raised those concerns in parliamentary questions in January and May last year, and I am pleased that some action at least has been taken in respect of several of those involved, but others remain at large.
    I shall begin with Sakina Security Services, which was raided a couple of weeks ago. Sakina is an Islamist security organisation with extremely close links to al-Muhajiroun and Supporters of Sharia. Sakina sends people overseas for jihad training with live arms and ammunition. It is hostile to the British Government, police and security services, and regularly issues threats to British interests in the United Kingdom and overseas. It is also particularly anti-semitic and appears to have singled out the Jewish community as its direct adversary.
    In October 2000, Sakina launched an appeal for donations to the Al Aqsa Liberation Fund to raise money to support the Palestinian jihad. The bank account was
    16 Oct 2001 : Column 1085
    held with the Woolwich and was also used to solicit donations for the Taliban. I am pleased to say that that bank account has now been closed. Sakina also had a website on which it advertised training courses, the most impressive\x97if that is the right word\x97of which was called "The Ultimate Jihad Challenge". Sakina advertised a two-week course in the United States and emphasised practical live-fire training, using 2,000 to 3,000 rounds of mixed-calibre ammunition. The website said that students would be taught,

    "live fire engaging multiple targets; live fire concealed carry; combat jungle run; live fire sniper; live fire shooting at, through and from vehicles"
    and many other terrorist skills.
    Sakina also organises training in many different sites in the United Kingdom. However, its activities are not limited to that. A bulletin board posted on its website a year ago today claimed that Sakina operatives were in

    "occupied Palestine, sisterly Lebanon and in Jordan"
    ready to fight in the Palestinian jihad. Although the police have acted, I regret that the Department of Trade and Industry has done nothing to close the company. So far, only one Sakina associate, Sulayman Bilal Zain-ul Abidin\x97also known as Frank Etim\x97has been arrested and charged with offences under the Terrorism Act 2000.
    The al-Muhajiroun organisation is inextricably linked with Sakina. It was founded by Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed who was given indefinite leave to remain in the UK in 1993. It is also linked to Supporters of Sharia, founded by Abu Hamza who was given UK nationality in 1986. Al-Muhajiroun is dedicated to establishing a Muslim state in Britain. Bakri is openly contemptuous of Britain and the very idea of democracy. He told the Daily Mail on 17 September,

    "My job is to speak about Islam. I don’t agree with manmade laws. In Britain I engage in opposition to manmade laws and expose the weaknesses of manmade laws. I don’t believe in democracy or dictatorship, they are both manmade. They are the two faces of the same coin."
    For years al-Muhajiroun has been engaged in training and recruiting young Muslims and is now banned from university campuses. It has engaged in fundraising for terrorist causes, including Hamas and Hezbollah, and has organised violent demonstrations against the Jewish community and the United States. Some of its supporters have been jailed for violent attacks.
    In an interview with the Arabic newspaper al-Sharq al-Aswat, Bakri Mohammed boasted that al-Muhajiroun sent Muslim youths on jihad training courses in Virginia, Michigan and the Missouri desert where they learned various techniques for guerrilla warfare, for making explosives and using shoulder-mounted missiles. He stated that between 300 and 400 people were sent on such courses each year, travelling as Europeans on British, French and German passports so that they did not need entry visas for the United States although most were of Asian or Arab origin. The training was organised by a British security firm that is managed by a Muhajiroun member. I believe that to be Sakina Security Services and the Muhajiroun member to be Mohammed Jameel.
    In the same article, Bakri Mohammed said that financial contributions to cover the costs were regarded as a grant that the youths had to pay back after their return
    16 Oct 2001 : Column 1086
    by working part time in the Muhajiroun’s jihad and call networks which recruit Muslim youths to prepare them militarily. He was asked to name the countries that the youths went to and said that after completing military training

    "some went to Kashmir, and others to Chechnya and to Kosovo before that. Some remained in Britain because they were not fully trained ideologically."
    More recently, on 21 September, Bakri told supporters outside the Pakistan High Commission that his brother had left to fight in Afghanistan. He said:

    "Like me he has received training in Texas and in the north of Scotland where he undertook a one-year course in weapons and evasive vehicle manoeuvring."
    On 30 September Omar Bakri Mohammed told activists in Birmingham that they

    "had an obligation to help and support Afghanistan and to fight with them."
    An additional close link is provided through Mohammed Jameel, one of the organisers of Sakina. He is still at large and has made speeches at many al-Muhajiroun public meetings at which he has been billed as

    "co-ordinator of Sakina Security and member of al-Muhajiroun."
    In an article for Al-Wassat, another Arabic newspaper, entitled, "Yes, we have camps for the training of the mujahidin", Jameel revealed that Sakina has trained more than 150 youths. He also revealed that it trains Supporters of Sharia members at the Finsbury Park mosque. In the same article, Bakri Mohammed revealed that young men had been sent to camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
    Abu Yaya is another operative of Sakina. On 26 June 2000 he gave an interview on the "Today" programme on Radio 4 in which he explained that he had just returned from Kashmir having spent four months on military training where he learned everything necessary, including making bombs, using artillery and a Kalashnikov and how to mount an ambush. He cropped up after 11 September as a spokesperson for al-Muhajiroun. On 24 September he said that he had

    "a divine obligation to join his brothers and sisters. My allegiance is to Islam, not to Queen or country\x97if I have to shoot British soldiers, then so be it . . . There is no law in the UK that can stop us going. I have already had military training, I know the area and I am ready to return to Afghanistan."
    There are many similar quotes from other al-Muhajiroun activists. Omar Brooks, speaking to a newspaper on 16 September, said:

    "There are a sizeable number of Moslems undergoing military training in the UK . . . If America decides to bomb Afghanistan, then we’ll wake up. If they’re going to attack Afghanistan then what’s my duty? It’s going to be a new chapter."
    Zahir Khan told a meeting in Birmingham on 17 September:

    "If Britain helped attack Afghanistan, it would be allowable for Moslems to attack military targets in Britain."
    Shah Jalal Hussain, another al-Muhajiroun activist, spoke on 19 December of how he and many of his friends who are British Muslims believe that Whitehall and Downing street are "legitimate targets" if Britain helps the US in any strike. Those are not simply the words of hotheads. Those people have had serious military training and they pose a threat that must be taken seriously.
    Abu Hamza al-Masri is widely known as one of the people behind the Finsbury Park mosque. In 1997 he ran Al-Ansar, an Arabic newspaper that supported the
    16 Oct 2001 : Column 1087
    Algerian Armed Islamic Group\x97GIA. The newspaper was originally established by Rachid Ramda, an Algerian who arrived in the UK in 1992 and is accused by France of organising and funding a series of terrorist bombings in France in 1995. He is still fighting his extradition to France.
    Abu Hamza closed Al-Ansar in 1997 and in its place launched the Supporters of Sharia, another serious organisation. In 1999, eight British Muslims were convicted in Yemen of plotting terrorist attacks. The Yemenis accused Abu Hamza of organising the plot in conjunction with Islamic terrorists in Yemen. Abu Hamza also often acts as a mouthpiece for Yemen’s main Islamic terrorist organisation, the Aden Abyan Islamic Army. When it kidnapped a group of tourists in 1998 its leader decided to announce the news first to Abu Hamza, whom he telephoned.
    Recent reports reveal that Ahmed Beghal was a regular attender at the Finsbury Park mosque. He is the leader of a terrorist cell of Takfir wal-Hijra which planned terrorist attacks in Europe, including a suicide bombing of the US embassy in Paris. Beghal lived in London during the late 1990s and was part of a clique of Takfir wal-Hijra supporters, who are still active at the mosque. In July this year he was arrested in Dubai.
    Abu Hamza has used his position at the mosque to promote a message of violent and radical extremism. In two speeches at mosques in Burnley, which were broadcast in the "Dispatches" programme on Channel 4, he said:

    "Get training . . . What are you training for? So you can get the kufr"\x97
    the non-believer\x97

    "and crush his head in your arms, so you can wring his throat, so you can rip his intestines out . . . Forget wasting a bullet on them\x97cut them in half . . . if you could put a balaclava on your face and walk down the road and stick one on somebody then do it. As long as you’re going to get away with it."
    He has incited people to attack Jewish causes, with which he identifies the "Zionists of the west", America and Britain. He incites, provokes and propagates hatred and the killing of the enemies of Islam.
    In October 2000 Supporters of Sharia, al-Muhajiroun and the Islamic Observation Centre, led by the Egyptian terrorist Yasser al-Sirri, held a demonstration outside the Egyptian embassy. Abu Hamza implored his supporters to donate money

    "to somebody who you know will use it to blow up these Jews, to blow up these Israelis".
    Abu Hamza has his own theory about what happened on 11 September. He does not accept that the twin towers were demolished by aircraft: he believes that it was a Zionist plot and that the towers had been stuffed full of explosives. That might be laughable, but his comments have to be taken seriously. It may not be a coincidence that on Saturday night before last the Finsbury Park synagogue was virtually destroyed in an arson attack.
    Yasser al-Sirri is wanted by Egypt because of a car bomb that killed a 12-year-old girl and injured scores of her classmates eight years ago. It was recently revealed that he is implicated in the recent suicide bomb murder of the Afghan opposition leader by helping two assassins posing as journalists to obtain Afghan visas. I believe that he is still at large.
    16 Oct 2001 : Column 1088
    Abu Qatada is another person about whom we need to be extremely concerned. The US Treasury has recently named him as one of those whose assets have been frozen there, yet he remains at large in the UK. Abu Qatada, whose full name is Omar Mahmood Abu Omar, is a Palestinian-Jordanian who is closely associated with Jaish Mohammed, a proscribed organisation. In September 2000, he was convicted in his absence in Jordan for the millennium bomb plot. He is a close associate of Omar Bakri Mohammed and Abu Hamza al-Masri, and ran what was known as the Baker street mosque in Marylebone from a youth club, the Four Feathers club, which I believe recently moved to another address in the Harrow Road. One attendee of the youth club was shot dead at an Islamic school in Yemen.
    Qatada has built a reputation for spreading extremism and division in the Muslim community in this country. In Brighton, he led a group of radicals who unseated the moderate imam of the mosque there. He has been to both Afghanistan and Bosnia, and been highly involved in many activities. Zacarias Moussaoui, the suspected 20th hijacker, regularly attended the Baker street mosque run by Abu Qatada, who has twice been convicted for his role in terrorist attacks in Jordan.
    Surely it is time to take action against such extremists. The Crown Prosecution Service and the Director of Public Prosecutions have not adopted as aggressive an approach as they should have in dealing with these individuals. However, our laws must not permit companies, organisations or individuals to be used as fronts for terrorist fundraising or money laundering. We cannot permit the continuing organisation of package tours for trainee terrorists, on which they learn to kill with modern weapons and tactics. We must prevent the sending of youngsters to every troublespot around the world, where their lives are at risk or they threaten the lives of others, including British service personnel.
    I am pleased that our race hate laws are to be strengthened to include religion, but in protecting our Muslim communities, that review must also deal with the incitement to violence and conspiracies of the extremists. There can be little doubt about what al-Muhajiroun, Supporters of Sharia, Bakri Mohammed, Abu Hamza and the rest are up to. They are bin Laden’s fellow travellers. We must proscribe their organisations under the terrorism legislation.
    As we review our asylum and immigration law, we must not just speed up extradition but respond to those who seek extradition of people such as Abu Qatada. The Home Secretary’s powers to revoke indefinite leave to remain must be clarified and strengthened. It should be extended to the revocation of recently granted UK citizenship, so that those who abuse our democratic system and actively seek to destroy the society that protects them from the regimes that they would themselves impose on others can be removed if it is conducive to the public good and their own security to do so. We cannot allow the human rights of everyone else to be threatened any longer by such extremists.
    Appendix 2 Statement

    Comment by glen jenvey — 27 Jun 2007 on 11:32 am | Link
  7. Who is telling the truth and who is lying that there was no evidence on Abu Hamza? You decide.

    I was googling Abu Hamza recently to see what there was out there and I came across this denial that the UK authorities had any prior evidence on Abu Hamza.


    \x93Asked why the authorities hadn’t dealt with Abu Hamza sooner, the PMOS (Prime Minister’s Official Spokesman) said that the problem in terms of the case were to do with evidence. The important thing was that prosecution had been brought and the other important thing was that we were moving to make it easier to bring prosecutions in this kind of case. The Government was addressing the areas in terms of incitement and glorification and that was why next week would be important.\x85\x85\x85\x85\x85..
    Asked why Abu Hamza hadn’t been prosecuted a couple of years ago, the PMOS pointed journalists to what the CPS and the Metropolitan Police had said about the difficulties of the evidence and the process of acquiring the evidence. People were less interested in witch-hunts and more interested in knowing if the government was now taking action, so that if someone did incite terrorism, particularly in the context of 7/7, then action would be taken and could be taken and that any area grey areas were closed off. Asked about Abu Hamza’s involvement with MI5 and suggestions of some kind of deal, the PMOS said that he had seen no evidence to support that suggestion\x94.
    I then googled \x91Abu Hamza and the crown Prosecution Service\x92 and came across this joint statement from from Sue Hemming, Head of Counter Terrorism Division, Crown Prosecution Service, and DAC Peter Clarke, Head of Anti-Terrorist Branch Metropolitan Police Service.
    http://www.cps.gov.uk/news/pressreleases/archive/2006/106_06.html This is the statement in full.

    "The police and CPS work closely together during the investigation and prosecution process and we will always prosecute wherever the evidence allows and it is in the public interest.
    "In the case of Abu Hamza, the police, following detailed and thorough investigations, made three formal submissions of evidence to the CPS. Two of these were in relation to potential offences committed in the Yemen, the second also included evidence relating to a website. The third submission was in relation to this trial. The submissions relating to the Yemeni and website allegations were carefully and thoroughly reviewed by experienced, senior prosecutors and in both these cases there was clearly insufficient evidence for a prosecution. On the third occasion there was sufficient evidence and the case has been prosecuted successfully.
    "The key evidence for the recent trial was the result of three police seizures of evidence; two in 2003 relating to other anti-terrorist investigations by two separate police forces and the third in May 2004 from Abu Hamza’s own address. The overwhelming bulk of the evidence in the trial came from the May 2004 seizure. Only one tape from the seizures in 2003 was the subject of counts on the indictment.
    "The decision to prosecute was taken by the CPS in October 2004.
    "This week’s conviction was the successful outcome of close and painstaking joint police and CPS work which has resulted in the prosecution of Abu Hamza for eleven serious criminal charges."
    I first handed over the origonal tapes in June 2002 to the Daily Mirror on condtion they handed them on to the police, which they did. The police visited me at home on the 6 February 2003. They had had the tapes for nearly a year. They asked me to confirm that these were the tapes I had given the Mirror. They were then bundled up and sent to the FBI in New York, who were building the case against Abu Hamza.
    Copies of the tapes were given to the America Embassy in London in September 2002. I placed them on line in November 2002 and copies were also sent to the FBI in Seattle via the Seattle Times in November 2002.
    The joint statement makes no reference to the fact that the police were given the evidence in June 2002, and chose to do absolutely nothing with it. When I challenged an anti terroisim officer over why they were not doing anything about Abu Hamza, he raised the question as to why the UK should help the US over al-qaeda when nothing was being done in the USA over fund raising for the IRA. Another office suggested that they could efffectivley blackmail the press into silence over the police inaction over Hamza by cutting them out of the \x91information loop\x92 on all crime stories if they published anything suggesting police inaction or incompetence over the Abu Hamza case.
    Who is telling the truth and who is lying? Or is this a case of serial incompetence and evidence that the police are dysfunctional in their thinking and operation?
    The tapes I passed over were good enough to help in the successful prosecution of James Ujaama and bring about the extradition case against Abu Hamza. If Abu Hamza is extradited to the USA they will be used in the prosecution. Why were they not used here and why were 2 years wasted in prosecuting al-qaeda UK Ltd? Earlier action against Abu Hamza and the other radical clerics might have prevented 7/7 and 21/7. The audit trail of internet evidence was all there showing the connections between the various radical groups had the police took the trouble to investigate. See http://aycu05.webshots.com/image/16164/2003487576264214606_rs.jpg enlarge this diagram.

    Comment by glen jenvey — 27 Jun 2007 on 1:31 pm | Link

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