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Asked what the Prime Minister's view was on calls by the opposition to send a senior figure out to Iraq following Jeremy Greenstock's departure, the Prime Minister's Spokesman said that David Richmond was already working closely with Ambassador Bremer in Baghdad. David Richmond was himself an Ambassador and was an expert in the region with a lot of experience. Asked if the Prime Minister would be taking a message to President Bush, about US military tactics, the PMS said that they would discuss the situation in Iraq as well as the Middle East Peace Process and various other issues. The PMS said that we were in agreement with the US about the overall strategy and approach to dealing with Iraq. There were no differences there and we were very aware that people have to make decisions on the ground to deal with specific situations as they arose. British commanders had to take decisions on the ground, as did the American military. In answer to further questioning the PMS said that it was too easy for people to sit in London and make judgements about what was happening without being there, but it was the people on the ground that actually had to make decisions based on the individual circumstances they faced. There were significant and serious security challenges facing the military on the ground in Iraq but it was the Government's view that it was only a few groups that were trying to prevent democracy being established and we didn't want them to succeed. No doubt these issues would be discussed in Washington but it would not be right to prejudge the outcome of the Prime Minister' meeting with the President.

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