» Monday, April 5, 2004

PM Event

The Prime Minister’s Official Spokesman told journalists that the Prime Minister would join Sir John Stevens and Ken Livingstone this afternoon for the launch of the Metropolitan Police’s Safer Neighbourhoods programme. The programme was about teams of police officers who would be dedicated full time to particular neighbourhoods. As such it represented a step change in the way London was policed, increasing police presence, local accountability and tackling local fear of crime. The Prime Minister would also use the event to highlight the introduction of new police powers contained in the Criminal Justice Act 2003 to take fingerprint and DNA samples with or without consent of people arrested and detained by police regardless of whether or not they were subsequently prosecuted. He would also confirm in his remarks that he had asked the Home Office to examine whether local police should be able to drug to test for heroin and cocaine all those they arrested for offences which were seen as being driven by drugs misuse such as theft and burglary.

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  1. I find it odd how the PMOS can sit there and make the taking of DNA samples without the sanctioning of the individual and without charge a positive thing.

    Delete it afterwards, and I can see a positive point. Prove me innocent, or fail to bring charges, and I fail to see how my genetic information has any right to be considered your property.

    So what does this say? We know full well we have a criminal justice system that lets offenders walk away; and this kind of withholding of identity data is there so that you can tell, in six months, when all that data’s been deleted because no criminal wrongdoing could be proved, that there was a previous run-in.

    Because what other possible reason could there possibly be for this? Oh, sure, we can all pretend that it’s just for safekeeping, and the like – but if it’s going to stick around, it’s got to have a use – that use can only really mean one thing: that we’re worried that people who the criminal justice system said were innocent were actually guilty. And to do so across a national level, for every person in question – that’s just proof that there’s enough fear in government that there’s no way to fix the problem that they’re willing to take draconian measures.

    This is, without question, not something the PMOS should be "positive" about; nor is it something that should bring bragging rights to any leader of any country; the theft – and taking without permission, and without right, is theft – of information from an individual by its government isn’t something to be proud of.

    Afraid of; to fear, especially if considered necessary, if one fears not the theft of identity but the problems that caused the government to believe that theft of identity would be a good idea. But no pride, and no honor.

    Even if Red Ken backed this, I can’t see him wanting to proclaim it from the rooftops.

    Comment by Gregory Block — 6 Apr 2004 on 4:00 pm | Link
  2. Nice to see Ken Livingstone spouting off about hanging the Saudi Royal Family. What has TB got to say about that?

    Comment by DEGREEK — 8 Apr 2004 on 11:22 pm | Link
  3. I still think what have you got to fear if you have nothing to hide.

    Take all my personal details my DNA my fingerprints my photograph.THIS POLICY IS STILL MORE LIKELY TO PROTECT ME THAN HARM ME.

    This country has pussyfooted around too many issues over the last 15 years and this over zealous liberalism has been a major contributor to the mess we find ourselves in now.

    Comment by Robert — 12 Apr 2004 on 11:18 pm | Link

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