» Thursday, October 29, 2009

European Council

The Prime Minister’s Spokesman told the assembled press that the Council would be discussing the economy and climate finance this evening. The Prime Minister had written to Swedish Prime Minister Reinfeld setting out what he thought would be a good, broad agenda for discussion and Prime Minister Reinfeld had agreed to that. The Prime Minister […]

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Tony Blair

Asked about Tony Blair becoming a candidate for the Presidency, the PMS said that Tony Blair had not announced his candidacy. The Lisbon Treaty would need to be ratified before that could take place, but the Prime Minister had made it clear that if those two events were to happen then he would be campaigning […]

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Jobs and Growth

Asked if the Prime Minister was concerned about risks to the economic recovery through the removal of stimulus packages, the PMS said that he was sure the Prime Minister would wish to discuss this with his colleagues but he felt confident that Europe could move as one. Different economies were at different stages of the […]

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House of Lords

Asked if the Prime Minister backed the recommendation for a Standards Commissioner for the Lords and did he think that the peers had got away with a lack of regulation for too long, the PMS said that the Prime Minister thought that the whole system was a discredited, old system. He was particularly focussed on […]

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