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Asked whether British troops should remain in Basra, after suggestions were made in the press by a British officer that troops could have been pulled out over five months ago, the Prime Minister’s Spokesman told the assembled press that the Ministry of Defence had made the position very clear. The Government was able to hand […]

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Asked to comment on a report claiming that the Government was considering criminalising men who paid for prostitutes, the PMS said that the Government had seen the report and it looked highly speculative. There had been no such proposals put to the Prime Minister.

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Madeleine McCann Case

Asked if the Prime Minister had any comment to make on the Madeleine McCann case, the PMS said that it was an ongoing investigation and the Foreign Secretary had made clear that in relation to the support the McCann’s needed in Portugal, the usual Consulate access would be provided. The PMS added it would be […]

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British Jobs

Asked whether the Prime Minister’s aim to create more British jobs for British workers was a recognition that perhaps the level of migrant workers into Britain was too high, the PMS replied it was a recognition of the fact that although the country had roughly 8-900,000 people on the claimant count, there were in fact […]

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