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Anti-Social Behaviour

Asked if the Prime Minister shared Louise Casey's sentiments following her appearance on the radio this morning that anti-social behaviour was not getting any worse, and headway was being made, the PMOS said that the Prime Minister shared the recognition that the actions that we have taken on anti-social behaviour, which today France has followed with its introduction of anti-social behaviour legislation, is having an impact. So too are matters such as parenting orders and parenting contracts. 85 percent of parents who are offered the chance to have parenting instruction take it up voluntarily. That would suggest that people in communities recognise the value of the approach we are taking and other countries are equally recognising the value of the approach we are taking. Asked if the Prime minister overall thought the situation was not getting any worse, the PMOS said that overall the Prime Minister thought that there is an issue which we correctly identified as being of very great concern to local communities, and overall he recognises that local communities where we have taken action believe that we have made a difference for the better.

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Asked by twice the Daily Record if the Prime Minister had contributed to the Farepak fund which closes this Friday, the PMOS said it was a matter for MP's and they, like him, would not give a running commentary on that. Asked, who he should speak to then regarding this, the PMOS again reiterated that the meaning of not giving a running commentary was that we do not give a running commentary. Asked again the same question the PMOS asked it if there was a translation problem.

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Deputy Prime Minister

Asked if the Prime minister thought £2 million a year represented good value for the Deputy Prime Minister's very small department, the PMOS said what people needed to take into account was the number and complexity of cross government committees that the Deputy Prime Minister sits on and the complex issues that he addressed and he therefore needs his department to understand and to deal with those complex issues.

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