» Monday, July 31, 2006

Middle East

Now in terms of developments here, can I first of all clearly welcome the fact that the Security Council has passed the resolution on Iran. That is both significant and welcome and we hope that Iran abides by what the Security Council says.

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Climate change

Today we are doing an event with Lord Browne of BP and the Governor. The key subject is climate change, and I think what you will find is that we will be announcing at that meeting that California and ourselves are going to investigate whether we can cooperate on climate change, in particular whether we can cooperate on an emissions trading scheme. There are also four other areas particularly, or four areas in detail, of collaboration that we want to look at. One is on market-based mechanisms, lessons learnt from the UK in the emissions trading scheme and consider any linkages with California;  secondly is on the economics of climate change and how we can share information and research we have done; thirdly, on the science of climate change, sharing ... of regional impacts and so on;  and finally on technology, trying to develop a partnership on clean energy technology, low cost technologies.

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