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Lord Levy

Asked if anyone at Downing Street had been approached by the police, the PMOS said that he wasn't giving a running commentary on the police investigation. He would not comment on any other police investigation and he wasn't going to do so on this one. Asked if the Prime Minister had been approached, the PMOS said no.

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Lord Levy

Asked if there was any change in Lord Levy's status, the PMOS said that there was not.

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The Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) told journalists that the Iraqi Government had announced today that it was taking responsibility for Al Muthana province, which we had forecast and which had happened today.

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Middle East

Asked if the UK Government had had any contact with the Israeli Government, and what were the views on the bombing of Beirut Airport, the PMOS replied that we were in constant contact with the Israeli Government. The FCO had made clear our view on individual incidents, but overall, people should remember how these problems had arisen. First, there was the kidnapping in the south, and yesterday, a kidnapping in the north. We condemned those kidnappings, and we called for the soldiers involved to be released. Equally, we called for restraint on all sides, because in the end, this was going to have to be resolved by negotiations. People should try and avoid actions which would make it more difficult to get back to the negotiating table, as that was where we were going to have to go.

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North Korea

Asked what was the UK going to do with regards to North Korea, the PMOS said that it was a matter now for the UN, and that was the best place for those discussions to take place. The important thing was that we did everything to encourage North Korea to go back to the six party talks, that the world showed a united face, as it was doing, and that we impressed on North Korea the need to abide by its obligations.

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Asked if, given the impasse on Iran, it was wise to publish the incentive package, the PMOS replied that what was important was that the matter went back to the UN with a clear message, and that the UN then agreed action. That process was well under way. Whilst we were disappointed that we had not seen progress from Iran, there was unity amongst the foreign Ministers when they met yesterday about what the nest stage should be, and that was very important. Iran was making a mistake if it believed that there was a division amongst the international community on this issue, as there was not, as Margaret Beckett had made clear at Cabinet this morning.

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The PMOS told the lobby that the Russian agenda for the Summit covered global energy security, education, the fight against infectious diseases and a range of international issues. The Russians, at our request,had also created time to review and progress since Gleneagles on Africa. We could also expect global trade to feature in the discussions. The PMOS said that this showed that the agenda which we drew up and made so much progress on at Gleneagles on Africa, and climate change, was continuing to be the agenda at the G8. It was evolving and developing, but the core script which was developed at Gleneagles was being followed through. We were maintaining the Gleneagles momentum on Africa and climate change; there was a new focus on energy, and that helped achievebothour security and climate change objectives security, and that was based on practical measures. There was also the continuing need to make progress on trade, and we recognised fully that we had not made sufficient progress on trade.

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