» Monday, September 19, 2005

German Elections

Asked if Downing Street had any reaction to the election result and its implications for the economy, the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) said that there was not really a result for us to react to yet so people would have to wait for that to be resolved first.

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Asked in relation to the UN meeting about the Americans having ruled out military action against Iran over the weekend, the PMOS said that what the Americans had done was to say, as we had, that all their energy and effort must go into the diplomatic route. This was what we would continue to do. We would be putting our energy into the diplomatic route, working with our EU partners and the US. As you could imagine there was a continuing conversation with all sides about where we went. The Foreign Secretary had made it clear that he was disappointed in what the Iranian President had said. The Foreign Secretary had not said anything he had not said before and therefore to suggest otherwise was to misrepresent the case.

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Lance Price

Asked to explain why the Cabinet Secretary had asked for sections of Lance Price's memoirs to be changed, the PMOS said that these matters were dealt with by the Cabinet Office and therefore it was a matter for them. Asked if the Prime Minister had asked the Cabinet Secretary to intervene, the PMOS said that the Cabinet Secretary fulfilled his official function. These matters were not commented on by the PMOS as they were a matter for the Cabinet Secretary and the Cabinet Office. The Prime Minister, like himself, did not give book reviews.

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David Blunkett

Asked if the Prime Minister was concerned with the continuing adverse publicity surrounding David Blunkett following the Lord Stevens comments and allegations from when he was Education Secretary, the PMOS said that if you actually looked at the Lord Stevens interview from the Today Programme in full he also paid tribute to David Blunkett, in particular how well they worked during the later period when they were Home Secretary and Commissioner. Also if you looked at the QCA issue that had been dealt with both by David Blunkett and by the then head of the QCA. Those voices had been on the record whereas those making the allegations had not.

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Asked about the shooting in Nottinghamshire by a tagged offender, the PMOS said that he had no doubt the Home Office would be looking into the case to see if there were any further implications and therefore it would be wrong for him to comment

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The BBC and Hurricane Katrina

Asked if the Prime Minister had any comment to make about the BBC's coverage of Hurricane Katrina, the PMOS said he did not.

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