» Thursday, March 17, 2005

House of Commons

Asked what the prime minister's response was to being called a liar by both liam fox and a plaid cymru mp by implication, the prime minister's spokesman (pms) said that she did not have any comment to make.

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Paul Wolfowitz

Asked for a reaction to the nomination of Paul Wolfowitz as President of the World Bank, the Prime Minister's Spokesman (PMS) said that it was for the Bank Board to take the decision on the appointment of the President of the Bank. We were not going to get into a running commentary on the selection process. We should wait and see whether there were any other candidates and wait for the outcome of this process. Obviously we would be involved in consultations with the US and others over this appointment. We would be looking forward to hearing Mr. Wolfowitz's views on a number off issues which concerned us, such as debt cancellation, free basic education and a number of other issues. Put to her that it was the convention that every other World Bank President had been appointed by the United States without objection, the PMS said she was not denying that but we were in the middle of a process, we should wait and see what happened.

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