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Asked about the accuracy of the Prime Minister's assertion that there were hundreds of terrorists in Britain, the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) said that this was not new information. The Prime Minister had in fact said the same thing in the House of Commons last week. As he had made clear then, there were distinctions to be made between different kinds of threat and the threat different people posed. There were different levels of monitoring required but it was accurate to say that there were that number of people there were concerns about. There were different degrees of concern but concern none the less. The Security Services and the Police needed to be able to respond to those concerns in the appropriate way. It was simply a statement of fact. Put to him that saying there were hundreds of terrorists out there might be considered alarmist, the PMOS said what the Prime Minister was most concerned about, as always, was that people should focus on the substance and not interpretation or speculation. The substance, as we had said consistently since 9/11, was that this country did face a threat. That threat varied but it was serious. It was right and proper to underline repeatedly that we should not be complacent about the level of that threat. Questioned further about whether it was right to say we were concerned about these people, the PMOS said that there were levels of concern about potential terrorist action so it was right to say that was why we were concerned. We were not concerned about these people because they were behaving in an anti-social way or some other reason. We were concerned about them because, potentially, they were planning or considering potential terrorist action. Put to him that the Prime Minister had implied that these people were actively engaged, not merely considering terrorist action, the PMOS said that if someone was in any way suspected of being part of a potential terrorist action, no matter how small that part may be, that was the correct phraseology.

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Comic Relief

Asked if the Prime Minister had any plans to participate in Comic Relief, the PMOS said that on the same day of Comic Relief the Commission for Africa would publish its report. The two events would be complimentary. The Prime Minister's focus on that day would be the Commission for Africa.

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