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Asked if the Prime Minister still saw the need for more coherence in European actions to kick-start the economy, the PMS replied that we were seeing a more coordinated response across Europe to the economic crisis. There was a debate taking place in Germany at the moment about a second fiscal stimulus package, but it was clearly for them to make any announcements on that. Part of the purpose of the meetings with Chancellor Merkel and President Sarkozy this week would be not only to discuss the European response, but also to discuss preparations for the G20 meeting in April. Britain had now taken on the chairmanship of the G20 at the start of the year, so the Prime Minister would be having a series of discussions in the weeks and months ahead as part of the preparations for the meeting in April.

Asked if there was anything else that the Prime Minister would be discussing with President Sarkozy, the PMS replied that the discussions would be primarily about the economy, but obviously no doubt they would want to take stock of other global issues, not least the situation in Gaza.

Asked as chairman of the G20, when would the Prime Minister be heading to Washington, the PMS replied that the new President had not yet been inaugurated and was not yet in office. As and when we had more information on other travel arrangements we would let people know.

Asked when there would be more news on helping the car industry and loans to small businesses, the PMS replied that we kept all of these issues under review. We continued to look at a wide range of options, and we would do so in consultation with the sectors affected and with the financial sector and the banks. We would look at this in an orderly way, and we would look thoroughly at all of the proposals. In the Pre-Budget Report we announced a package of support in relation to loan guarantees for small businesses, and we continued to look at what more we could do there. As and when the Treasury and the Department for business were in a position to make further announcements, they would do.

Asked if the Prime Minister accepted the CBI s suggestion that the supplementary business rates announced today would actually increase the tax burden on small businesses, the PMS replied that on the specifics of that it was best to speak to the Treasury. But of course an important aspect of this Bill was to allow the funding of Crossrail to go ahead, which was a project that the CBI and other business organisations supported.

Asked about the green jobs and new industries for the future that the Prime Minister talked about in his speech this morning, and did he accept that this was a shift in policy towards greater industrial policy, the PMS replied that he did not accept that this was a shift in policy. The Prime Minister had been talking about the potential for environmental technologies and the move to a low carbon economy as a source of job creation, and this was something that he had been talking about and pushing for several years.

Asked about work focused training figures, the PMS replied that James Purnell was asked about this several times this morning, and it was best to check with DWP.

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  1. If it was up to me, I’d abolish the Private Bank of England.

    Just like Ron Paul wants to do to the Private Federal Reserve in the US


    Most people think the Bank of England is the Bank of england, it is not, it is a Private company that Farms the British Populace.

    Westminster is a charade put in place by the Banksters.

    Here’s how we are Mugged, unnecesarily.

    Westminster Prints gilts, which are bought by the global banks, we then pay the loan back plus interest five or ten yrs later.
    this is how we have run up 1Trillion debt for our children.

    Now ask yourself, If we had Printed, Free of charge, EXACTLY the same amount of money as we had borrowed ( through the issuance of Gilts ) would our children have a £1Trillion debt round their necks.

    If we print our own currency rather than borrow it, there is no loan to pay back, no interest on said loan, no Govt debt and hence, no need for Income tax.

    We should Issue our own currency into the economy, not borrow it from the International Moneylenders.

    Google ‘the creature from jekyl island’

    Comment by Adrian Peirson — 13 Jan 2009 on 1:34 am | Link

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