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Gurkha Petition

Put that the Gurkhas would be handing in a petition at No10 today and would there be any further Government announcements on the issue, the PMS said that the Government position on this was set out by the Home Secretary at the time of the recent court case judgement. Where there was a compelling case, soldiers and their families should be considered for settlement. The judge did agree that our cut-off date of 1997 was a fair date, but as the Home Secretary had made clear after the ruling, we would revise and publish new guidance and we would honour our commitment to the Gurkhas by reviewing all cases by the end of the year.

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  1. I am absolutely disgusted by the way this country has treated and is still treating the brave Gurkhas and their families. As for only allowing the widow and son of a Gurkha to stay in this country for a few hours to attend his funeral – words fail me.

    Comment by Rosemary Bennett — 12 Dec 2008 on 7:42 pm | Link
  2. I am appalled at the way this country is still refusing to allow Gurkhas to settle here and have the same pension as other soldiers.

    Comment by Derek Bennett — 12 Dec 2008 on 7:45 pm | Link
  3. Shame on you all. Today, for the first time ever I am ashamed to be British, truly ashamed, and I am ashamed to say I have always been a Labour supporter. How can this travesty of justice happen, we have a race of people who are proud of their connection to the UK and further more think it honourable to serve in our forces – actually words fail me, other people waltz into this country under the guise of the Human Rights Act and I am not saying that is bad – but it is unjust in light of this decision about the Gurkhas.
    You have let them down
    You have let this country down
    You have let justice down
    You have let me down
    You have let yourselves down.
    I am truly ashamed of you

    Debbie Bamsey

    Comment by debbie bamsey — 24 Apr 2009 on 10:27 pm | Link
  4. Having served alongside the brave men of 1/2 King Edward VII’s Own Gurkha Rifles in Belize in the 80’s.

    I am ASHAMED at the governments treatment of these guys who are prepared to lay down their lives for the British people to protect the rights and freedoms of the British people. Yet following their loyal service, the Gurkhas are cast-off and treated like criminals by this Labour Government.

    How can it be right to refuse Citizenship and right of abode of these BRITISH soldiers into the UK?
    (“British soldier” = a soldier commissioned by the British Gov, trained by the British gov, oathed to and commanded by the British gov and paid for by the taxes upon British people).

    A DEMOCRACY is a government elected by the people to pursue the best interests of the people by common and equal vote of it’s people.

    This Labour Government is NOT a DEMOCRATIC organisation, they are a dictatorship of panic, debt, blunder, (legalized fraud),economic incompetence, get rich quick con artists, spin and miss-management professionals.

    Let us change this Dictatorial “big brother” government to one that is Democratically lead by and takes direction from it’s electorate.

    REMEMBER: Gordon Brown was NOT elected into Office, he is there by a dishonest coupe.

    Kind regards

    Steve Isherwood

    Comment by Steve Isherwood — 3 May 2009 on 12:47 pm | Link
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