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Prime Minister’s mood

Asked how the PMS would categorise the Prime Minister’s mood this morning following a few days of difficult headlines, the PMS replied that he would categorise the Prime Minister’s mood as being entirely focused on the issues that were of concern to people in the country. At the moment that was the economy, as well as the changes we were making to the health service, education and changes to the immigration system.

Asked if the Prime Minister was frustrated, the PMS replied that the Prime Minister’s view was that the key focus for the Government needed to be on delivering change and addressing the concerns and aspirations of people who lived in this country in relation to their economic well being and in relation to the changes we were making in health, education and elsewhere.

Asked if the Prime Minister believed he was the man to lead the country through this current situation, the PMS replied of course.

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  1. Except of course if your poor or earning a low wage, then of course Browns focus is on how do we get more rich people out to vote, because the sick the disabled and the poor have left us, I know we will give the rich a bit off the old tax rate.

    sadly most rich people are now looking at Cameron as a leader to give them more. While the people who have followed Labour through thick and thin leave Labour in droves.

    I cannot see the rich staying with Labour lets be honest anyone remembering John Major will see a reflection of the Labour leader trying to stop a rot which has spread throughout the party.

    I have voted Labour all my adult life since the time I was allowed to vote, did not matter who was leader even during the bad years of Kinnock I voted Labour, not anymore.

    Comment by Robert — 15 Apr 2008 on 9:22 am | Link
  2. i would like to say that i will not be voting for labour again.I am disgusted that the tax for rubbih will not be going ahead i was hoping that finally families would be forced to recycle their house hold waste, and that labour were starting to take a stand on helping the country become more eco friendly.Obviously this is not the case. If he really wants to win back votes then he should sort out the scroungers of this country and provide benefits only for those who really need it-not immigrants who come but don’t get jobs,or people on job seekers for years and years occassionally getting a short term job, or teenage mums who see claiming benefits as their right and choosing it as a way of life. I really am feeling more and more ashamed of this country

    Comment by rose — 5 May 2008 on 11:10 pm | Link

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