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EU Treaty

Asked why the Government was proposing to cut the amount of debate on the EU Treaty from 20 to 12 days, the PMS said that he was not aware of any such proposal. The PMS said that he thought there would be a very lengthy period of debate and would be interested to see if it was still the journalists view in several weeks time as to whether it was still an insufficient amount of time for debate on the European Treaty.

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  1. I am pleased to see that extensive debate is being allowed for the Lisbon Treaty, since ratification of it will have an enormous impact on Britain’s future.
    The British Constitution makes it perfectly clear that “No Government shall bind its successor”. When the British electorate votes a new Government into office it only “lends power to that new Government during its term of office”. At the end of that term ALL powers must be returned to them UNDIMINISHED.
    Even if we accept that Gordon Brown’s demand for protection of his “red lines” have been honoured many other powers will undoubtedly be handed over to the “Union”, which will have its own single legal identity (in other words it will be a country in its own right) and whose laws “will have supremacy over the laws of the member states”.
    This would be in direct contravention of our present British Constitution. On whose authority will our Government take this illegal action?
    If Gordon Brown is convinced that he will be acting legally and that it will be in our best interests, surely he should have the confidence to give the British public a referendum on such an important issue.

    Comment by Graham Booth — 3 Feb 2008 on 11:44 am | Link
  2. The Lisbon Treaty will be the last that the EU requires as it contains a self-amending clause meaning that the EU will be able to make whatever changes it considers necessary in pursuit of the founding aim of “Ever closer Union”.

    Worse still, it will be forever as there is no time limit to its power (competence), it will require the UK to adopt the Euro, and a system of common criminal law, Corpus Juris, which will destroy our system of Habeas Corpus, presumption of innocence and trial by jury.

    This will our nation be destroyed and the link between voters and government be extinguished.

    Comment by john kelly — 3 Feb 2008 on 4:29 pm | Link

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