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France’s Nuclear plan

Put that President Chirac had said earlier that he thought that France’s nuclear deterrent was very helpful against terrorists, and did Britain have a similar position on that, the PMOS said it was an effective deterrent, full stop.

Asked if we were "thinking about getting a new one", the PMOS replied we would deal with that in due course.

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  1. "the PMOS said it was an effective deterrent, full stop"

    Must be the first time ever that British politicians have ever agreed with Jacques Chirac. Mind, how anyone in their right minds can claim a nuclear weapon system is a deterrent against terrorists would be totally beyond me – if I didn’t already know that most of the world’s "terrorists" are firmly in the pay of the same people who agree on nuclear weapons being a deterrent against terrorists…

    "Asked if we were "thinking about getting a new one", the PMOS replied we would deal with that in due course"

    i.e. AFTER the taxpayers of this country have been spammed for the cost of it. And Tony Bliar has stated himself that he’d like a new one; why is the PMOS being so coy?

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 21 Jan 2006 on 8:58 pm | Link
  2. So, we’re going to nuke the terrorists now. Splendid.

    Of course there’ll be a certain level of collateral damage, like the loss of Afghanistan, or the obliteration of Iran but, hey, won’t this teach these people that ‘democracy’ is an excellent thing?

    Comment by Chuck Unsworth — 23 Jan 2006 on 7:35 pm | Link
  3. Isn’t the point that Iran backsHamas and co – state sponsored terrorism – and the fear is that if they get the bomb it will ‘leak’ to the terrorists.

    This is what scares the pants off everyone.

    The counter threat, it seems, is to warn Iran that should there be any such blast then Iran will be hit. If you accept the premise that Iran is ‘a’ terrorist then the deterrent thraet makes some sense. Only Iran doesn’t seem to get it – ie. that having the bomb along with its desire to destroy Israel and their habit of supporting anti-USA/western terror attacks – makes it the number one target.

    As I’ve said before – it amounts to S.A.D. – self-assured destruction. The Iranians must be banking on the hope that zapping them is off the menu because of their oil supply – and deals with China etc. – but it must be obvious that the USA is terrified of a first strike delivered by sea container and they would rather take the risk of war than that. Chirac seems to agree

    Comment by Mr Pooter — 24 Jan 2006 on 1:10 pm | Link
  4. Well it’s my view that once anyone sets off a nuke anywhere in the Middle East everyone else will just pile in and join the fireworks party.

    After all, the geographic dispositions are such that many countries would be affected by just the first bang. There are a lot of twitchy fingers, there’s little fear of death, and there’s very little recognition – or fear – of the consequences.

    And as to us ‘getting a new one’ – is the old one worn out or past its ‘sell by’ date or something?

    Comment by Chuck Unsworth — 25 Jan 2006 on 9:13 am | Link
  5. ‘T’aint ‘appening’…!

    Think it through logically. Who holds the REAL power? Not Bush & his NeoCon cabal; they’re just the front men, we’ve long suspected that. After all, how could a man as thick as Bush get to be the most "powerful man in the world" if he wasn’t a puppet? So. We KNOW he is one. The question is, whose? Well, who logically could be the only ones with the power to arrange both sides of US Presidential elections? Don’t forget, the last "election" was "fought" between 2 old college secret-society buddies. And even then the outcome was arranged by Diebold, the voting machine-and-dodgy-software one-stop-shop.

    The answer, for those who can’t work it out, is the international banking cartel headed by the Rothschilds. And before you scornfully say "don’t be so daft", read up on it. Read up on the financial dealings surrounding the Battle Of Waterloo and how Nathan Rothschild basically cornered the Bank of England by starting a stock market crash and then buying up when everyone else dumped. Come on; the fact that the WORLD gold price was set in the Rothschild offices in London until only a year ago surely says something about the power this family weilds. And the fact that they no longer seem to be interested in setting the gold price any more is extremely worrying in itself. This is all information in the public domain, although very few seem to believe it when they see it. It is estimated that the Rothschilds own ALL the world’s wealth. It is also estimated that they have dominated the world financially since around 1885. But don’t take my word for it; go do some digging. The facts are there. You just have to unravel them.

    This banking cartel has instigated (and funded both sides of) almost every conflict since the French Revolution. And that’s exactly what they’re doing today. A new nuclear deterrent is just another financial black hole the government can use to pour the taxpayers money into the "Bank of England", AKA the personal coffers of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and their ilk. Same as David Cameron’s pledge to "save the NHS". Since when did the Tories give a shit about the NHS??! Answer; since David Cameron appeared on the guest list at the Bilderbergers conference last year, when he was vetted for office. It’s blatant theft from the population, and if you don’t believe me – just look at your take-home pay today, and compare it in 5 years time. Then again in 10. And then ask yourself when exactly they’re going to stop taking. And the answer; when we’re all driven to conflict. Then "they" can step in and save us.

    Do some research on the Supreme Court building in Israel. It’s a real eye-opener for those who poo-poo us "conspiracy theorists" (AKA realists) and who laugh at the idea of secret societies and Freemasonry and so on ruling the world. Can’t be happening? You try to get planning permission for something radical on your house; you’ve got no chance unless you know someone who knows someone. It’s the same thing, extended a thousand times. Iran, Iraq, all part of the same game. It’s all a smokescreen.

    It’s possible that Iran may get heavily nuked; but I doubt it, for the very simple reason that Israel is in the region – and the Rothschild family are Jewish, as are a large proportion of Illuminati families lower down the chain. I think it’s more likely that the USA and Israel and ourselves will attack Syria, and possibly a few Iranian targets. Neither Syria or Iran have a Rothschild-controlled central bank. But they will have, even if a few tactical nukes need to be lobbed as persuaders. That’s what this is all about. Iraq DIDN’T have a Rothschild controlled central bank; it does now. So does Afghanistan. And both are very firmly under "corporate" control – you only have to look as far as bloody Chalabi to see how corrupt the whole thing is. Iraq’s oil wealth in the hands of a US puppet. All you have to do is extend the hand of the puppet-master all the way to where the wealth really resides.

    Try thinking it through for a little while; try just imagining that one family owns all the wealth and see how easily things fit into place if you consider that the New World Order is actually happening, and One World Government is the ultimate aim. For instance, 9/11 becomes very easy to understand. So do the London bombings. As I said earlier we KNOW Bush is a puppet; try imagining if Bliar was also, and look at some of the things he has tried to pull. Then when you learn that Bliar went in front of the Bilderbergers in 1993, just before John Smith’s sudden and fatal heart attack (I’m not suggesting anything!), it becomes very easy to see how he has managed to stay in Downing Street despite the ridiculously criminal goings on over Iraq and the whole sham that is the "War on Terra".

    Open your eyes and THINK!!!

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 25 Jan 2006 on 5:09 pm | Link
  6. date: 17th july 2006:
    i’m bob dylan’s greatest bbc radio request writer:
    david c, miedzianik say…med-gen-nick

    Comment by david christopher miedzianik — 17 Jul 2006 on 11:24 am | Link
  7. date: 17th july 2006:
    i’m bob dylan’s greatest bbc radio request writer:
    david c, miedzianik say…med-gen-nick

    Comment by david christopher miedzianik — 17 Jul 2006 on 11:24 am | Link

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