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Prime Minister’s Holiday

Asked if the Prime Minister was back from his holiday the PMS said that she would not comment on the details of the Prime Minister’s travel arrangements but we would let people know when he was back.

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  1. It gets frustratingly difficult to comment on anything when the PMOS won’t say anything about anybody or anything.

    Should we [the bloggers] be patting ourselves on the back because we have influenced events to the extent that the PM is so embarrassed by our comments on the output of the PMOS and the input to this site that the PMOS has been told to say nothing to invalidate this site?


    is it just that with no ministers actually plotting to do something someday, because of the holidays, the Country is running substantially smoothly and life is sweet?

    I for one would continue to pay the same level of Income Tax to keep the tossers on permanent holiday.

    It could be like one of those TV games – but in this case you go through elections to be on holiday for 4 years.

    Imagine the voter turnout 😉

    Comment by Roger Huffadine — 24 Aug 2004 on 9:38 am | Link
  2. Here’s what I said on another thread (think it was about Blind Himmler)

    So basically ANYTHING could happen on "the PMs private holiday" but no comment would be shortcoming because it’s PRIVATE. I’m sorry, but the Prime Minister does not have that privelege – that is why he is the PRIME MINISTER. Anything that happens in government should be open to public scrutiny, at any time, regardless of whether the PM is on holiday or not. If the privacy of his holiday was so important, he shouldn’t be hobnobbing with high-profile fraudsters and pop-stars.

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 24 Aug 2004 on 2:18 pm | Link
  3. Imagine the sudden interest in politics, as everyone starts a political party to get a free holiday. 🙂

    Comment by Gregory Block — 24 Aug 2004 on 2:30 pm | Link
  4. I really don’t like the use of the nickname "Blind Himmler" to refer to David Blunkett. It’s offensive, doubly so because — authoritarian and misguided as he certainly is — there’s no comparison with Himmler at all. Playing on his disability can only be counterproductive.

    Comment by Chris Lightfoot — 27 Aug 2004 on 1:49 am | Link
  5. Hmmm, I tried to post a reply to Chris above, and kept getting page unavailable. Why is that? Especially when THIS post was ok…?

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 27 Aug 2004 on 2:50 am | Link
  6. Nope, tried again ad nauseum but it just wouldn’t have it. It’s almost as if the server didn’t like my reply!

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 27 Aug 2004 on 3:00 am | Link
  7. There’s always at least one wanker, isn’t there?!?!

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 1 Sep 2004 on 3:53 pm | Link
  8. (Referring, I assume, to a brief resurgence of comment spam.) Yep. All from one host, and from someone who was filling in the "captcha" manually, judging by the logs. There’s not a lot we can do about that sort of thing, other than remove the comments and ban the IP address, which I’ve now done.

    Comment by Chris Lightfoot — 2 Sep 2004 on 12:57 pm | Link
  9. I blame the parent`s.

    Comment by george dutton — 2 Sep 2004 on 2:53 pm | Link
  10. As soon as the Prime Minister get`s back from holiday he should tell Prisident Bush that allowing unfettered logging of Alaska`s vast forest`s after/if he get`s elected is not on!.

    Comment by george dutton — 2 Sep 2004 on 11:02 pm | Link
  11. I blame them sprouts I had for dinner.

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 3 Sep 2004 on 1:09 am | Link
  12. Guess what I am going to say when the Mark Thatcher post come`s on.

    Comment by george dutton — 4 Sep 2004 on 10:21 am | Link
  13. Umm, that he’s a bounder and a cad and should be shot with snakeshit from a wooden gun?

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 4 Sep 2004 on 1:26 pm | Link
  14. If I were his defence lawyer I would say "with the parental guidance he had as a child WHAT CHANCE DID HE HAVE".He should get off scott free!.

    Comment by george dutton — 4 Sep 2004 on 1:46 pm | Link
  15. The magic 8 ball says… "He looks just like his mother".

    Comment by Gregory Block — 4 Sep 2004 on 1:49 pm | Link
  16. I hope that the P.M.know back from holiday will consider looking at way`s of CONTROLLING emigration.It is I think a good idea to refuse British citizenship to people`s from industrial countries except on ground`s of absolute need.This would then allow more people from third world countries to gain British citizenship.It is all a case of NEED and to improve these people`s life`s and there family`s life`s who are in dire need of HELP.Unlike those from countries who do not need help!.

    Comment by george dutton — 4 Sep 2004 on 3:16 pm | Link
  17. *Emigration*???? That’s people *leaving* the country, not coming into it.

    I wholeheartedly encourage more UK natives to leave the UK and work abroad. Maybe even, shock and horror, learn a foreign language. See the world for the small, little thing that it is, that we all have to live on and get along in. Emigration is a good thing; it exposes individuals to foreign cultures and crosses boundaries.

    Immigration, on the other hand, is also a good thing – and is well controlled. People from "industrialised nations" don’t get free passes to work and do what they want; the process is difficult, confusing, time-consuming, and most of all, tightly controlled.

    I know. I’m here on a working visa. Don’t tell me how easy it is to get one, because it isn’t, and stop pretending that we’re all here taking your jobs away from you. We have to go a long way to prove that we’re fulfilling roles that can’t be filled by the local marketplace, and because it’s a member of the EU, we even have to prove that we’re unique within the EU, as it’s EU-nationals before foreigners.

    So. If there’s a job that can’t easily be filled within the UK, and can’t easily be filled within the whole of the now-expanded 25-nation EU, *THEN* and only then can you hire an American.

    If you think that’s not harsh enough, I’d like to know what is. And if you can, for a moment, just imagine how difficult that must be do manage and administer, you’d probably have a whole lot more respect for those few who have to work, day in and day out, in immigration.

    Comment by Gregory Block — 6 Sep 2004 on 10:00 am | Link
  18. I did say absolute need.READ the post Gregory!.I am all for people coming into this country ANYBODY and staying as long as they like.BUT we are now overpopulated and we face massive problem`s because of it.People from third world countries are in need of much more help then those from industrialized democratic nation`s. http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/customs/questions/population.html

    Comment by george dutton — 6 Sep 2004 on 2:20 pm | Link
  19. gamze\xF6z\xE7elik

    Comment by mehmetcitlak — 12 Nov 2006 on 8:57 pm | Link

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