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European Commission President

Asked for a reaction to Chancellor Schroeder’s suggestion that the new European Commission President should come from either a Euro-zone country or Schengen area, the Prime Minister’s Official Spokesman (PMOS) said that he had dealt with this matter on Friday morning and had nothing further to add to what he had said at the time. In our view, all EU countries were equal and should be treated as such. However, we had absolutely no intention of getting drawn into speculation about candidates for the job of Commission President. The Taoiseach should be allowed to consult with other EU Heads of Government and reach a genuine consensus on the matter. Asked if the Prime Minister disagreed with President Chirac’s view that the candidate should be able to speak French, the PMOS repeated that every country should be treated as an equal. Asked if Downing Street would back Chris Patten’s candidature, the PMOS pointed out that Mr Patten had in fact withdrawn his name from consideration.

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  1. hello,
    i heard chris patten on nitewaves on radio 3 monday
    evening, discussing his book and in passing made refernce
    to an art exhibition displaying 18 and 19c russian art.

    that is to take place next year some time, i would like
    further information on this.

    I dont have chris pattern’s email address, hence this request
    thanks in advance.

    Comment by a. reid — 28 Sep 2005 on 3:46 pm | Link
  2. A Copy:
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    Rahul Kumar

    Comment by Rahul Kumar — 1 Jul 2007 on 10:23 am | Link
    Jesus is our teacher,our guru.
    Pray for your enemy,talk to your enemy.
    Show him the way of love and compassion,otherwise our religion is not working for us.
    Please President Obama you can do it,send troops of Peace workers to the Root teachers of the Taliban.Let us show the world we have learned something.
    The Human Race
    In Time and Space
    In Love and Grace.
    Movement SOUL,Amsterdam
    Seekers of Universal Love.

    Comment by johannes kelder — 1 Mar 2009 on 11:20 pm | Link

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