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Asked if the Prime Minister believed that the law on smacking should be changed, the PMOS said the Prime Minister did not think that there should be a law banning parents from smacking their children. Asked if the Prime Minister might hold a free vote on the issue, the PMOS repeated that the Prime Minister did not believe that the Government should ban parents from smacking their children.

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  1. i think that smacking a child is rotten

    Comment by Muriel Thompson — 18 Jan 2005 on 11:33 am | Link
  2. Well thanks for that Muriel; with that kind of input we’ll soon have the government begging for mercy…

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 19 Jan 2005 on 4:40 pm | Link
  3. I think the war in Iraq is rotten.

    Comment by Lodjer — 20 Jan 2005 on 12:50 pm | Link
  4. I think the government is rotten. To the core.

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 20 Jan 2005 on 4:10 pm | Link
  5. I think the government is rotten and spends too much time behaving in a childish manner.
    They all need a good smacking.

    Comment by Roger Huffadine — 20 Jan 2005 on 5:00 pm | Link
  6. I think there is no problem smacking your child as long as you don’t go to the extreme and abuse them. At the end of the day children need to be taught right from wrong, that is one of the reasons the country is going wrong. If a parent cannot correct their children who can? Ok you send your child to their room they aint bothered they have toys there and televisions so they are not being corrected. A smack never hurt me, My parents or their parents parents so what harm is it doing now.

    Comment by Chelle — 20 Jun 2006 on 6:18 pm | Link
  7. For 6000 years smacking a child (not battering them) has been a form of correcting a child. and now that we are allowing everyone the right to express themselfs in what ever way they wish, we are now having more problems within schools etc.

    If we ban smacking what will be next?

    Smacking is only right when not used in anger, it must be used in a controlled manner.

    6000 years to the last 50 years (what has changed?????)
    Has bring up children changed that much?

    Comment by qwerty — 15 Jan 2007 on 11:21 am | Link
  8. my grandad always said their bottoms not made of glass it wont break.

    which i agree with totally although on the other hand it is proven that smacking a child does not work, you cannot smack a child and then try teaching them not to smack.

    i have not yet found the right way to disipline my children as nothing seems to work, i think its in their nature they have their own personalities, some good, some bad.

    Comment by caz — 19 May 2007 on 11:47 am | Link

    Comment by Ross Parkin — 20 Jun 2007 on 10:10 am | Link

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