» Monday, June 21, 2004

Northern Ireland

Asked the point of the Prime Minister’s meeting with the Taoiseach on Friday, the PMOS said that the process of driving forward the peace process in Northern Ireland might have slowed but had certainly not come to a full stop. It was therefore important to continue to drive it forward to success, because the present stalemate was not in anyone’s interests. On Friday we would need to assess where we were and establish a framework for future action and work to go on behind the scenes. This would be done in keeping with the principles which the Prime Minister had set out clearly in a speech in Northern Ireland in October 2002 in which he had said that there should be both a genuine end to all paramilitary activity and a genuine democracy which shared power between the communities. Those two objectives were our goal. Friday was simply a staging post on the way to attaining it. The need to keep driving the process forward was paramount because everyone was aware of what happened when vacuums were created in Northern Ireland.

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  1. I think the operative word was definately behind the scenes. I believe Mr. blair will completely sell what is left of Northern Ire.to his old buddy Mr.Adams . He has completely caved in to terrorists and then claims around the world what a great fighter of terrorism he and Mr. Bush are, while in the United Kingdom he has totaly caved in to them. For around 30 years the Ulster people did not give in to killing and bombing including attacks against Police and Military. Those people should have been given the George Cross medal , instead they get the shaft from Mr. Blair.

    Comment by robert kyle — 21 Jun 2004 on 9:39 pm | Link
  2. For around 30 years people who lived in Northern Ireland bombed and killed each other including attacks against police, military, peaceful protestors and innocent civilians.

    These people should be allowed to rest in peace in the knowledge that no-one else will die due to the pathetic and stupid bigotry of flag waving idiots who can’t understand the difference between a compromise and ‘surrender’.

    If politicians in Northern Ireland put half as much effort into making the peace process work as they did into creating fear, hatred and mistrust then everyone would be happy.

    Comment by Uncarved Block — 22 Jun 2004 on 5:26 pm | Link
  3. "These people" will do whatever they feel like, including running their own countrymen into the dirt, until they finally decide that they weren’t kidding each other when they told each other they finally wanted peace.

    The worlds’ hearts can bleed for them as much as it likes, but our tears and wishes do nothing to heal the rift between the two sides; meanwhile, they continue to cut throats and spill blood on both sides of the argument, as they always have. Until the neighbors of the killers are willing to turn on their own side to prevent the bloodshed, all those tears and wishes will come to nothing.

    All it does is make one wonder: How many people have to die, either by their own hands or their inaction, for these idiot-savants to break the cycle of violence. Why is so much of what goes on, on both sides, overlooked by people who are so busy pointing out the blood on the hands of everyone else that they haven’t stopped to look at their own hands?

    I’m not saying I’m "tired of it". I’m not saying I don’t believe in peace – but I don’t believe that peace can be carried to the scene of a disaster like portable toilets at a festival; if the people of Northern Ireland want peace, they are the only people who can create it – and they can start at home, by not dehumanizing the whole process and destroying their own children. At this rate, not only is there no hope for the current generation, there’s no hope for the next, because they’re all so busy teaching their kids to be bigots.

    What am I supposed to feel, other than the weight of the complete waste of life?

    Comment by Gregory Block — 23 Jun 2004 on 8:58 am | Link

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