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Asked for a reaction to reports that Chris Patten was being considered as a candidate for the job of European Commission President, the PMS said that as her colleague had been telling journalists all week, these were private discussions which would be had by EU Heads of Government around the table in Brussels. That position had not changed.

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  1. my comments are as follows.am totaly apauled to say the leaste at the beheadings of two americans and the possible beheading of a british man taken hostage in iraq by an evil terrorist group.how they can class themselves as human beats me.they are evil and they should not be allowed to get away with it.but as i say what goes around comes around.i prey for the safe release of the last remaining british hostage.in the past 25 yrs i have watched as this hell hole of a planet has become an unsafe place to live in and i prey to god that those responsable will not go unpunished.they use the islamic faith as an excuse to take human life and pick on those vunrable.they are cowards and are not worthy of being called human beings.infact they are an insult.they are war mongering bullies whom should crawl back into there stagnent pools of water where they belong.i hope each and every terrorist eventually rots in hell

    Comment by karen — 23 Sep 2004 on 12:55 am | Link
  2. karen; we all share your views;

    however, i would just personally like to add that these terrorists are only allowed the opportunity to fight because of the lack of caution and planning afforded to this whole ill-begotten campaign by our over-bearing "leaders" who know nothing personally of loss, and so send others to do their dirty work in the name of "democracy".

    the same democracy that allows guantanamo bay and abu ghraib;

    we who live by the sword must also expect to die by the sword.

    except in this case, it is YOU who must live by the sword must also die by it; our non-fearing, god-forsaking "leaders", as has always and will always be the case, can with immunity send the less-priveleged and less-educated off to do their dirty work.

    c’est la vie; c’est la guerre de vie…

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 23 Sep 2004 on 3:26 am | Link
  3. incidentally, a nice big stagnant pond of boiling urine would be my own personal choice of venue for real justice…

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 23 Sep 2004 on 3:34 am | Link

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