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Northern Ireland

When asked about the political situation in Northern Ireland, the Prime Minister?s Official Spokesperson (PMOS) said the Prime Minister was gravely concerned about the situation, adding he wanted to see all politicians in Northern Ireland working together to build a better future for the country and working to fulfil its great potential. The PMOS said […]

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When asked how the government determined its approach, the Prime Minister?s Official Spokesperson (PMOS) said it was guided by the threat posed to the UK, adding that the government would examine the scale of the threat and do everything possible to protect British nationals. If the government had concerns about a threat to British nationals […]

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When asked about the situation in Syria, the Prime Minister?s Official Spokesperson (PMOS) said the government wanted to see a political solution to the crisis in Syria. The PMOS said that if there was an opportunity to work with other partners in the region ? partners that the government had not engaged with as much […]

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