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Spare room subsidy

Asked if the government should scrap the spare room subsidy bill the PMS said that the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions has made a written statement and the PM has made the fundamental point on a number of occasions during recent PMQ?s about the need to deal with a housing benefit bill that […]

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Asked whether the PM believed the UK could learn about economic growth from Latvia or Estonia, the PMS said that the PM believed the economy was healing. There were still some challenges facing the country, but we were on the right path and it was important we stuck to it. original source.

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Asked if the PM would support the funding of a memorial to those service personnel that had died in Afghanistan, the PMOS said he hadn?t seen the Opposition?s proposals and so could not comment on the specifics. He said that the PM has made it very clear of his admiration for the incredible work and […]

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