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Asked if the Prime Minister was happy with the response from the EU on Libya so far, the Prime Minister’s Spokesperson (PMS) told the assembled press that there had been a big diplomatic effort over several days including the process at the UN and we were pleased with how it had progressed. The Prime Minister […]

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MOD Redundancies

Asked about the MOD announcement today on the squadrons not having been part of the SDSR and whether that meant the original process was not complete, the PMS said the SDSR involved strategic decisions about the future. Clearly there were detailed decisions that flowed from that and we were explicit at the time that a […]

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The Prime Minister’s Spokesman (PMS) started by saying that Cabinet had discussed Libya this morning. There was a broad discussion on the range of activity across Government; the Foreign Secretary and the Defence Secretary both gave updates. The Chancellor spoke about what was happening in terms of freezing assets, as well as the bank notes […]

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