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The Prime Minister’s Spokesman (PMS) told the assembled journalists that the Prime Minister spoke to President Barroso last night about the free trade agreement with Korea and that it had made progress over night, and that we were hopeful that a deal would be signed off today. The PMS also informed the assembled lobby that […]

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Asked whether the Prime Minister supported delaying a decision on Trident until after the next election, the PMS said that the decision on Trident had already been taken and that the Coalition agreement set out the position that we would maintain the nuclear deterrent, but that we were examining the issue of value for money. […]

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TV Licence Freeze

Asked for the Prime Minister’s reaction to the freeze in the TV licence fee, the PMS said that the Government welcomed the proposals and that there would be no increase in the licence fee on 1 April 2011, but that a decision about 2012/13 would be taken as part of the next funding settlement. original […]

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