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The Prime Minister’s Spokesman (PMS) said that Lord Adonis had made a statement on salt supplies, which had been sent out as a press release. The Salt Cell convened again today and Lord Adonis chaired a COBR meeting this morning and updated Cabinet on the situation. In terms of transport infrastructure things were as good […]

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Asked if enough salt was getting through, the PMS replied that the situation was being discussed by the Salt Cell today. The Highways Agency went into this period of bad weather with 13 days worth of supplies. What we had seen was some local authorities had more salt than others, but a process had been […]

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Northern Ireland

Asked to give a flavour of what the Northern Ireland Secretary said in Cabinet, the PMS referred people to the Prime Minister’s statement, urging all politicians in Northern Ireland to remain focussed on the business of government and to recognise the crucial importance of intensifying engagement in those issues that remained to be resolved. The […]

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Asked if there was a cast list for the Afghanistan conference yet, the PMS said it was a Foreign Ministers meeting, so therefore David Miliband was effectively in the chair. We were assuming that we would see Secretary of State Clinton for instance. President Karzai was coming and we would also expect Ban Ki Moon […]

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