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Asked if the Prime Minister felt he was losing the political battle at home regarding public support for the war in Afghanistan, the Prime Minister’s Spokesman (PMS) said that the Prime Minister believed, as had been set out repeatedly in the past, that the mission in Afghanistan was a dangerous but essential one and it […]

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High Pay Commission

Asked what the Government thought about the idea of a High Pay Commission, the PMS said that the Government had already taken steps on low pay and we believed that generally businesses and workers were best placed to determine the pay of employees. The Government had a role in preventing exploitation and excess, and where […]

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Put that the fact that Ed Balls was not around this week to talk about A-level results and that the Chancellor was not in London for the whole week meant that there was a part-time Ministerial rota over the summer, the PMS said that he thoroughly disagreed. It was entirely right that Iain Wright and […]

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Asked what conversations there had been between Edinburgh and London over the release of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi and whether Lord Mandelson had been involved in any such discussions, the PMS said that Lord Mandelson’s spokesman made clear over the weekend the extent of Lord Mandelson’s discussion with Colonel Gaddafi’s son. The PMS went on to […]

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Photos of Prime Minister’s children

Asked what the situation was regarding the publication of photos of the Prime Minister’s children, the PMS said that, as had always been the case, the Prime Minister and Mrs Brown did not want any publicity of their children and thanked the media for, in the main, respecting this wish. We were extremely disappointed that […]

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