» Friday, January 18, 2008

Detention without charge

Asked whether the Prime Minister was satisfied that he had made the case for 42 days detention without charge, the Prime Minister’s Spokesman (PMS) told the assembled press that the Government’s position had been set out very clearly on numerous occasions, following a long and detailed consultation period lasting over five months. The Counter Terror […]

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China Visit

Put that there had been some suggestion in the media that the Prime Minister should have made a bigger issue of human rights, the PMS replied that human rights was discussed quite broadly at the press conference held by the Prime Minister. There were questions to both the Prime Minister and the Chinese premier, that […]

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Teenage Crime

Put that David Cameron had said this morning that the streets of Britain had been lost to teenage thugs, the PMS said that she would not respond directly to the leader of the opposition. As was stated at yesterday’s lobby briefing, the Government had measures in place both through neighbourhood policing and local authorities, to […]

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Asked what the Prime Minister thought about his predecessor’s new unpaid advisory role to the Rwandan Government, the PMS replied that she was aware of the reports of Tony Blair’s appointment, but she had not had official confirmation of those reports and would not be making any further comment. Put that the Capital Gains Tax […]

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