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Inheritance Tax

Asked how confident the Prime Minister was that the material published by the Treasury showed unequivocally that the Government was planning to reform inheritance tax, the Prime Minister’s Spokesman told the assembled press that the Prime Minister was very confident. It was made very clear from the document published by the Treasury today, as asserted […]

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Inheritance Tax

Asked if there would be any papers released today relating to Inheritance Tax, the Prime Minister’s Spokesman (PMOS) replied that obviously this was a matter for the Treasury so best to check with them, but his understanding for guidance was that this was the case. They would be responding to an existing FOI request. Put […]

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Defence Spending

Asked if the Prime Minister had any response to the request for an increase in defence spending, the PMS replied that there had been quite a significant increase in defence spending. This meant that there would be an additional £7.7 billion over the Spending Review period by 2011. This continued the longest period of sustained […]

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President of the Czech Republic

Asked what would be discussed at the meeting with the President of the Czech Republic, and would climate change come up, the PMS replied that they would discuss a wide range of issues in relation to European and other matters. original source.

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