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As introduction the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) said we saw the G8 process work in terms of moving us significantly further forward on climate change. The G8 process had worked on Africa as well, because what had happened in the run-up to the summit, we had seen the US increase their aid by $30 billion on AIDS, we had seen Germany commit $3 billion dollars over four years, and we had seen the Italians doubling their aid to Africa. The importance of this was that Gleneagles had set out not just the headlines, but also the ambitions on Africa. This meeting was about putting in the details in terms of programmes, in terms of subjects, in terms of countries on AIDS, on education, on malaria, on drugs prices and showing that there was a long-term commitment on resolving the problems of Africa.

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Al – Megrahi

Asked whether in retrospect it would have been a good idea to have told the Scottish Executive about the Memorandum of Understanding signed with Libya, the PMOS said first and foremost this was a non row, because the Megrahi case was the subject of legal review, therefore nothing could be done about the case while the review was taking place. Secondly, this was a Memorandum of Understanding, which was about further discussion with Libya and it clearly refers to the fact that there would have to be agreement with the devolved administration on any specifics. This was the start of the conversation, not the end of a conversation. Asked repeatedly if the Government had ever taken a position on whether Megrahi should or should not be returned to Libya, the PMOS said he did not want to talk about the Megrahi case in any way because it was the subject of a legal review and therefore there were legal constraints. We have made it clear the issue over this Memorandum of Understanding was a complete red herring from the beginning to the end.

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Put that Lord Goldsmith had come out and categorically denied the suggestion that he had asked officials to conceal these payments, but given BAE have said that they were Government to Government payments, doesn't the Government have to come out at some stage and say what Ministers knew about these payments and why they were paid, the PMOS said he nothing further to add to what Lord Goldsmith had said.

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