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European Industrialists

Asked for further information about the Prime Minister's meeting with various European industrialists, the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) told journalists that some of the businesses included Astra Zeneca, Unilever, Nokia, BP, Total, Rolls Royce and others. They discussed the EU constitution, Russian/EU relations, the environment and various other subjects, including Doha round.

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Scottish Sports/Meetings

Asked by the Scotsman if the Prime Minister would welcome a Scottish Olympic team, the PMOS said that as the Prime Minister had always said, he fully recognised and valued Scotland as Scotland, and equally, Scotland within the UK. He believed that both the UK and Scotland were stronger as a result.

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Monthly Press Conferences

Asked when the next Prime Minister's press conference would be, the PMOS said that we were looking at the diary, but it was quite difficult.

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Alex Salmond

Asked if the Prime Minister had congratulated Alex Salmond on his appointment as First Minister, the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) replied that the Prime Minister had been to Washington and Iraq, and therefore had been rather busy.

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Council Housing

Asked if the Prime Minister agreed with Margaret Hodge's comments that priority should be given to British residents when it came to council housing, the PMOS replied that first and foremost the Government had recognised that there was an issue here. That was why they had set up various mechanisms including the Migration Impact Forum, which would be headed by Phil Woolas and Liam Byrne, to provide information on the impact of migration on the wider community. The key to this was increasing the rate of house building in the social sector, and this was up by 50% in the last couple of years. There was also the issue of social housing in general, and Professor John Hills had been looking at this and we would consider what he had to say over the coming months. However this had to be kept in context, we recognised that this had particular impact in particular areas, but overall in 2005-06 only about 1% of lettings (some 1,100 or so) went to foreign nationals. So in particular areas there was an impact, which we recognised, and this was why we were bringing this review to bring it all together, but we should not forget the overall context.

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Climate Change

Asked by the Guardian to comment on the Independent on Saturday story that almost all of the climate change proposals we put to the American President had been rejected, the PMOS replied that the Independent was wrong.

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