» Friday, May 4, 2007

Scottish Elections

Asked if the Prime Minister was concerned by the "shambles and chaos" of the Scottish elections, the Prime Minister’s Spokesman (PMS) replied that this was obviously a serious matter, and we shared the public’s concern about the reported problems. These were devolved matters and the independent Electoral Commission would be undertaking a review into the conduct of the election, working with the Scottish Executive. It was important that we wait for the outcome of the review.

Asked if the Prime Minister stayed up watching the results last night, the PMS replied that she had not asked him but that he did not look "bleary eyed" as one journalist suggested he might if he had.

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  1. Bleary eyed? He’s Bleary-brained. New Labour, born 1997, died 2003 in Iraq, buried 2007 in the elections. Good riddance.

    Comment by Tony in Glasgow — 6 May 2007 on 12:06 am | Link
  2. No point in staying up all night, what where the results of the Scottish elections?, can i suggest a decider: Penalty Shoot-Out or FIGHT FOR IT!. Scoff at the Eurovision Song Contest if you like,(please do) but nobody has impugned their voting system (apart from the partisan aspect, but that’s nothing new to our shores).

    Comment by simon — 14 May 2007 on 11:51 am | Link
  3. P.M.Spokesman asked about "shambles and chaos" in Scottish Elections fiasco: "these are devolved matters", O.K. that’s all right then, and "it was important that we wait for the outcome of the review" (coda for: important for us that we manage to buy time come up with another pathetic excuse to bury bad news or ‘devolve’ it into somebody else’s lap). Are these people all Lawyers?. High time that before any statements are made by Politicians in the House of Lords they are required to pledge the oath as in a court of law, not that this will stop them from perjuring themselves at every opportunity.

    Comment by Don — 14 May 2007 on 4:05 pm | Link
  4. Hope i’m not being boring but had to reply as i posted a comment on Scottish elections mess up with a tongue in cheek reference to the Eurovision Song Contest. Low and behold have just seen pronouncement from Lib Dem M.P. Richard Younger-Ross on BBC Ceefax Teletext as follows:"The Eurovision Song Contest voting system needs to be changed because it is harmful to the relationship between the peoples of Europe" also "Countries voted for their neighbours rather than the best songs". No point in trying to have a conversation about the West-Lothian question with you then, lets get down to the serious issue’s.
    Lead me to a padded cell, the lunatics HAVE taken over the asylum. Maybe he’s a closet Scooch fan. AAAArrrrGGGhhh!! nurse more medication.

    Comment by simon — 15 May 2007 on 7:26 pm | Link

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