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Iraq Debate

Put that there had been criticism about the Prime Minister’s absence from the debate this afternoon, would he be able to be on the bench as the debate wound up, and what was the Prime Minister doing this afternoon that prevented him from attending, the PMOS said that it was not the Prime Minister’s custom to take part in Foreign Affairs debates. The Prime Minister had said two weeks ago that once we had assessed Operation Sinbad, then he would make a statement to the House on what followed from it as the next stage of our policy in Iraq. The Prime Minister had judged that to be the appropriate time to appear in the House. As the Prime Minister had said at PMQs, he had constantly spoken about, and answered questions in the House at PMQs about Iraq. With regards to this afternoon, the Prime Minister had a meeting with Dr. Paisley and he was giving a short speech at the CBI.

Asked further about the Prime Minister’s meeting this afternoon and where would they take place, the PMOS said that the Prime Minister was in Downing Street.

Asked if the assessment on Operation Sinbad would be carried out swiftly, the PMOS said that he had nothing to suggest that it would take months, but in terms of precise timing, it would depend on what happened.

Briefing took place at 15:00 | Search for related news

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