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Northern Ireland

Asked if the Prime Minister was confident that Lord Morrow and the charge he is leading against sexual orientation legislation wouldn't affect other legislation the PMOS that equality legislation in Northern Ireland had always been separate from legislation in England.  There is a consultation process going on in terms of Great Britain and we would let people know the outcome of that.

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Asked about the reliability of supply to the rest of Europe, and Chancellor Merkel in comment had said that it would not do Russia's reputation any good, the PMOS replied that the EU at Lakhti made clear its concerns about the need for secure energy supplies. The EU was in conversation with both Russia and Belarus about this issue. The UK had taken steps recently, including agreeing a deal with Norway to try and secure supplies in the future. It was clearly an issue which was of rising concern around the world.

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EU Commission Strategic Energy Review

The Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) said that the Prime Minister strongly welcomed the statement by the EU Commission today on its strategic Energy communication and climate change review. There was a direct line between today's announcement and the Hampton Court summit which we held in October 2005, as well as Gleneagles in July 2005 and the joint letter that the Prime Minister had published with the Prime Minister of Holland at the Lahkti summit last Autumn. What we particularly welcomed was the emphasis that the EU Commission put on not just security of energy supply, but also, liberalisation of the European energy market, as well as the measures that it announced and supported on climate change and energy efficiency. The PMOS said that what this could lead to was further progress being made at the EU spring Council in March, with that leading onto G8+5 discussions of a post-2012 framework post-Kyoto in July. It was a very welcome development.

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Asked if the Prime Minister welcomed the briefing from the White House today that 22,000 extra troops would be sent to Iraq, and that the whole of the country could be under Iraqi control by the end of the year, the PMOS replied that he would prefer to wait until President Bush had spoken later tonight. The PMOS reiterated that we would wait for the American proposals, and he underlined that in terms of the situation in Baghdad and Basra, as we had said when we visited recently, the situation on the ground was very different in the two cities. Therefore, the policy in Basra would be dictated by the conditions on the ground in Basra.

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Home Office/criminal records backlog

When asked if the Prime Minister believed that the Home Office was not fit for purpose, the PMOS answered that John Reid would be making a statement in the House at 1230, and people should wait for that statement and for Dr. Reid to set out the position. The problem had arisen because of the circumstances the PMOS had set out yesterday.

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Road Charging Petition

Asked what happens to petitions on the Downing Street website, the PMOS replied that they became part of the policy process and part of the overall context in which decisions were taken.  He added that they were a welcome addition to the ability of citizens to communicate directly with government.  There was no axiomatic process in which a petition would be submitted and the government then agreed, that was not the way it worked.

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