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Middle East

The Prime Minister's Spokesman (PMS) told journalists that the Prime Minister was in Downing Street and had been working over the weekend on the situation in the Middle East. The Prime Minister had briefings and meetings with advisors, as well as working on draft texts and on securing maximum support for the UN resolution. The Prime Minister had spoken on the phone a great deal to leaders, including Kofi Annan, President Bush, President Chirac, President Putin, Prime Minister Persson, Prime Minister Siniora, Prime Minister Olmert, Prime Minister Zapatero, and Prime Minster Prodi. The Prime Minister had also spoken to Margaret Beckett, the Deputy Prime Minister, and to Hilary Benn, as well as our Ambassador to the UN, Sir Emyr Jones-Parry.

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UN-Mrs. Beckett

Put that the Iranians had rejected the UN's proposals on their development of nuclear weapons, and what we were we going to do about it, the PMS said that there would be discussions in New York.

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Put that another British soldier had died in Afghanistan, so was there any consideration for sending out extra troops on top of what we had already promised, the PMS said that the Prime Minister extended his condolences sincerely to the family and friends of the soldier who had been killed. As we had said before, our troop levels would be guided by the commanders on the ground. If or when we received such a request, we would respond at that time.

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Asked further about DEFRA's fishing announcement on Wednesday, the PMS said she believed it was about sea bass.

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