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John Prescott

Asked if there was any information about the Cabinet Committees that John Prescott would be sharing, the PMOS replied that if people looked back at any other previous reshuffle, there was always a timelag between when a reshuffle had happened, and when the Cabinet Committees were announced. That was because the process of changing the committee’s system could not be started to reflect the reshuffle’s new priorities until it had been announced. The PMOS said that the reshuffle was on Friday, today was Wednesday, and things did not move that fast.

Asked when it might happen, the PMOS said that people were working on it, and it would be as soon as possible, but the PMOS said he was not going to give a date. The PMOS also said he was not going to set up a coconut shy for people to aim at.

Put that the PMOS’ words were very Sir Humphrey-like, the PMOS replied that it was the biggest compliment he had ever received! It was the reality, however, but the PMOS noted that it was also the appraisal time of year, and he thanked the journalist very much.

Put that No10 must be relieved that Scotland Yard had announced this afternoon that they were not pressing criminal charges on Mr. Prescott, and was this a taster of what we expected for the Prime Minister on cash for honours, the PMOS replied that the question was a very sly way of getting him to try and give a running commentary on police investigations, which he would not do. Therefore, silence was the best policy.

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  1. I cannot understand that a member of parliament, indeed, a member of the CABINET is allowed to carry on receiving all the benefits he previously warranted. What sort of government is the LABOUR GOVERNMENT to allow a person to be either sacked/resigned or whatever to receive the self same benefits he was previously entitled to when he was a government minister. Is Tony Blair committing governmental suicide? If any member of the public and I mean PUBLIC would be sacked/resigned they would either receive a one-off payment and then that was it. Tony Blair is taking the P****. I am a member of the public and I am getting fed up to the teeth of all of the shennagigans of government.

    As far as I am concerned Parliament was formed originally when King John signed the Magna Carta, the Magna Carta has been taken as the rule of law in many, many countries. King James I challenged parliament as did his son, who, incidentally had his head cut of, England committed regicide.

    I am English, born and bread, it seems that all the money that is being paid by us "minions" is being spent on people to have two jags, flats in London and mansion in the southern counties, and in effect being paid \xA3600,000 per annum by us poor fools, who put up with it. I am not a racist but your government have allowed all these people into my country, people who have developed their own communities, not even wanted to intergrate, when you drive through the areas they live, it is rubbish in the streets. When I was a child our streets were clean. Do I have to say "I am glad I am 59 years old, not to see the degregation of my homeland?

    People who want to challenge the government concerning these comments are called racist. I feel that the English people of this country are the same as the Jewish people in Germany, without any struggle they got on the trains, the trains that took them to their death. Governmental policy in this, MY COUNTRY, THE COUNTRY OF MY BIRTH. is creating an ethnic policy of eradicating the true english people.

    Comment by Yvonne Sills — 11 May 2006 on 6:22 pm | Link
  2. Spot on Yvonne (apart from about the trains; they’d just never run on time!) And your point is? :oD

    The whole POINT of modern government is to obfuscate matters to the point where everything becomes a quagmire. If ever anyone needed proof that government is NOT of the people and FOR the people, then the actions of the "Labour Government" over the past 9 years provide ample illustrations. While we "ordinary people" have to put up with the constant (and I do mean constant) failings of government, the "cream" of society go about their merry business, not affected by the trials and tribulations that affect us normal folk. For they drive around in their Jags, along specially cleared streets, to tax-payer funded apartments and complexes shut away from the world. And you thought your vote counted? Have no fear; from Old Conservative sleaze and incompetence to New Labour sleaze and incompetence. Next up, it’ll be New Conservative sleaze and incompetence, then, when you’ve all forgotten about New Labour, it’ll be time for Old Labour sleaze and incompetence again. The only thing that stays the same is that nothing ever truly changes…

    Left and right do not matter. Labour or Conservative do not matter. The policies that are followed will be followed regardless of the colour of the incumbent party; you only have to look at how many manifesto promises promptly get broken the instant a party gets into power to see that. What is needed is fundamental electoral reform; whether that would actually happen is debatable, even if voting turnout dropped below 50%.

    Comment by SmokeNMirrors — 12 May 2006 on 2:02 pm | Link

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