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Asked about Nigel Evans' question during PMQs today to the Prime Minister whether the £2 million loan from Lord Sainsbury had been declared, the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) said that both the department and Lord Sainsbury had dealt with it at length several weeks ago.

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Asked what action the Prime Minister intended to take with regards to the recent decision by Peugeot to close its UK factory, the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) said that Peugeot had made their decision for the reasons they had set out yesterday afternoon. What helped in this case was that there was a delay until 2007 before that decision was implemented. Clearly however there was concern for those involved and the DTI would work with the local agencies to try and help those affected find new jobs. Those agencies were now rolling into operation.

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Honours Investigation

Asked if any Downing Street officials had been questioned by the police in their investigation into allegations that honours might have been exchanged for political funding, the PMOS said that as he had said yesterday he would not be giving a running commentary on this ongoing police investigation, any more than he would on any other police investigation.

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Asked why did the Prime Minister never say "it would be nuts" to invade Iran, the PMOS replied that what the Prime Minister was indicating was to focus on the substance, rather than the process. The substance was that it was Iran that was defying the will of the UN in terms of its nuclear activity, and the President of Iran had frequently threatened the very existence of Israel, and that was where the focus should be. Equally, what the Prime Minister wanted to keep the focus on was the unanimity of the international pressure on Iran to come into compliance. In doing so, what we should not do was switch the focus from the substance of the issue to the process of trying to get Iran to comply with its international obligations. Therefore, the focus should remain on Iran's defiance of the UN and what was not just rhetoric on the part of the Iranian President.

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