» Tuesday, December 20, 2005

EU Budget

Put to him by the Telegraph that the Prime Minister had seemed a bit grumpy this morning, the Prime Minister’s Official Spokesman (PMOS) said no he had not been grumpy. The Prime Minister had in fact enjoyed the opportunity to disagree with the line taken by the Daily Telegraph and had put the case very strongly. He felt very strongly that if you did believe in enlargement then you should pay your fair share in doing so. That had been the foundation of our approach, not only to enlargement but to the budget deal as a whole.

Asked to comment on President Barroso’s suggestion of a "European tax" to avoid future arguments over the budget, the PMOS said that as the Prime Minister had said at his press conference earlier, firstly traditionally the UK position had not been receptive to such an idea. Secondly he didn’t want to comment any further because he had "enough trouble without adding to it further." The PMOS took the opportunity to highlight, given the degree of scepticism from some quarters about the main focus of the budget review, that Mr Barroso had said explicitly on the record that his review could result in changes in the EU budget in the period 2010 – 1013. That was specifically what we had been saying all along and that meant that change was possible.

Asked what the Prime Minister meant when he said "trouble" the PMOS said that the Prime Minister was referring to trouble with the media.

Asked if the Prime Minister had discussed the EU budget developments with the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the PMOS said that he did give not give a running commentary on conversations between ministers. The Government as a whole has of course discussed all relevant matters.

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  1. Look. What has this Government done whilst holding the EU Presidency or MC of the G8? Nothing and even Sir Bob will deny this as he’s done nothing either! Maybe they did lots but we just perceive that the did nothing – well that’s OK then. I was gettinge all worried there for a minute.. They wonder why no one votes… LISTEN TO US FOR A CHANGE, NOT YOUR POLITICAL GURU…

    Comment by Joe Bloggs — 28 Dec 2005 on 1:34 am | Link
  2. If he didn’t listen to 1 million people in London demonstrating against the war Iraq (2002), he sure as hell ain’t gonna listen to us now!

    Comment by Will Hall — 29 Dec 2005 on 12:44 pm | Link
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    Comment by olo — 22 Feb 2006 on 2:16 pm | Link

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