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The Prime Minister’s Official Spokesman (PMOS) said that Brazil, China, India and South Africa would be attending the finance minister’s meeting of the G7 this weekend to try to re-energise the run-up to Hong Kong. We had received a proposal from President Lula of Brazil to consider the possibility of getting heads of Government together in advance of Hong Kong. That would depend on the outcome of this weekends G7 meeting and on what other governments thought, but we had told President Lula that we would consult on his proposal following the G7 meeting this weekend.

Put to him that some had said that since Live 8 the Government hadn’t been very productive in terms of its G8 agenda, the PMOS said that anyone who looked at the outcome of Gleneagles, in terms of aid and the outcome of the work that Bob Geldof and others had done, understood that the agenda in terms of aid, debt relief and the broad agenda in terms of trade was in a substantially different place today than it had been at the start of this year. That was not coincidental. That was a result of the work that had been done by a combination of Government, NGOs and other interests. People should not underestimate that achievement in any way. It was not enough, we needed to do a lot more, but the agenda had moved and it had moved precisely as a result of the efforts that people had made throughout the year.

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  1. WOW – the PMOS almost admitting that the government has done fu*k all since the G8 – brilliant, next thing we know the PMOS will answer questions truthfully.

    Comment by Roger Huffadine — 2 Dec 2005 on 6:48 pm | Link
  2. "to try to re-energise the run-up to Hong Kong"

    WTF?!?! Re-energise what!? A load of overweight old farts sitting around rhubarbing and doing the sum total of the square root of sweet f*ck all.

    This is all a big piss-take, innit?! Go on, admit it, this whole government lark, it’s all a big laff and joke…

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 2 Dec 2005 on 7:00 pm | Link

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