» Monday, September 12, 2005

UN Summit

Asked what hopes the Prime Minister had for the UN Summit, the PMOS said that it was an important summit. As we had set out last week, we were hopeful that it would adopt a new resolution on terrorism which would not just set out commitments on fighting terrorism but also commit countries to take action against the incitement of terrorism. Discussions on that were continuing and were progressing well. Other issues included the reform of the UN itself, in particular setting up a Human Rights Council and reinforcing the responsibility to protect citizens from abuses of human rights within countries; we were also looking for progress on the peace building commission. Reform of the Security Council itself was an important issue, but that might be a slightly longer term project as the Prime Minister had said himself. Asked if the anti-terrorism resolution would be a British motion, the PMOS said that we had been heavily involved in drawing it up. In terms of sponsorship he didn't want to get ahead of the game. We were hopeful of progress. Asked if by the end of this week we would have an agreed definition of terrorism, the PMOS said that as he had said we were aiming for a Security Council resolution which committed countries to not only fight terrorism but also take action against incitement to terrorism.

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Northern Ireland

Asked what the Prime Minister's view on the recent violence in Northern Ireland was, the PMOS said that first and foremost what was clear was that the violence was to be condemned. Attempted murder could not be justified in any way and we should be clear that this was attempted murder. Equally the way to resolve tensions over issues such as parades was through dialogue and that we remained committed to. While the weekend had been grim, it should not in any way deter parties from talking about how we moved forward. We were waiting to see the IRA carry out its commitments on decommissioning, we were hopeful of talking to the parties as well. That remained the way forward. Violence such as we saw over the weekend took us nowhere and the vast majority of people in Northern Ireland fully recognised that.

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Other Business

Asked about Sir John Stevens talking about specific plots against the Prime Minister, the PMOS said that he did not give book reviews.

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» Monday, September 5, 2005

Human rights

Put to her that the Prime Minister seemed to be implying that the government would be changing human rights legislation in order to allow more deportations, the Prime Minister's Spokesman (PMS) said that the Prime Minister had been responding to a questions asking about why nothing seemed to have happened since his initial announcement at the beginning of August. He had said that there was a lot of work being done within government and we were still looking at how we were going to move forward.

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New Orleans

Asked for a response to accusations that British officials had been slow to assist British nationals in New Orleans, the PMS said that as the Prime Minister, among others, had already said, British officials had been working extremely hard on the ground dealing with people evacuated from New Orleans

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