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Anti-terror proposals

Asked if there was a response to the comments made by London Mayor, Ken Livingstone where he suggested that the anti-terror proposals were so loosely drawn up that Nelson Mandela and the founders of the United States of America would have all been banned from entering the UK because they could be considered extremists, the Prime Minister’s Spokesman (PMS) said that there was a consultation process going on. This ended on Friday. A range of people had submitted their views on the Government’s plans and with this in mind people should wait and see the results of that consultation exercise.

Asked how soon after the end of the consultation exercise we would see changes, the PMS said that obviously the Home Office would want to carefully study and consider all the comments made. But equally they would be looking to make any announcement as soon a possible.

These were serious issues that needed to be looked at properly. Asked if this consultation was separate from the cross-party talks, the PMS said that no doubt all comments that had been made would be taken into consideration, but the 2 weeks consultation was specifically on deportation issues. There were no plans for any announcements this week but there was a lot of work going on within Government to move these issues forward.

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  1. Once again, instead of the action of the 97 Govt, we see procrastination on immigration and deportation despite the warnings and problems their lack of action has already caused. This is too little too late – unless of course we get the now almost customary emotional backlash, similar to the gun issue, which will foul things up even more.

    Comment by roger — 15 Aug 2005 on 7:59 pm | Link
  2. Who has been ‘consulted’? A range of cronies and the usual intellectual pygmies? John Birt? Hazel Blears? Charles Clarke? etc etc. And for that matter are their views open to public scrutiny?

    This will lead to the customary assertions of ‘wide public consultation’ which doubtless will be deemed to ‘strongly support’ whatever crackpot scheme that is finally hatched.

    The reality is that no one in government has the slightest idea about what to do and they are desperately casting about for ‘ideas’ (so beloved of our Hazel).

    Headless chickens.

    Maybe when Blair gets back from his hols he’ll be able to solve the problem. Meanwhile Clarke is having to appear to be ‘in charge’ whilst trying to repair the damage caused by Blears, Blunkett et al. But no one is going to have the courage to do anything without Tone fronting it, after all, he’s really ‘in charge’.

    Comment by Chuck Unsworth — 16 Aug 2005 on 10:18 am | Link
  3. Maybe when Tony Babes gets back from his hols he’ll be able to solve the problem.

    Well – that will be a change – because nice words and sleight of hand won’t do anything with this one (see also ASBO’s and a whole list of other failed policies). Over to you Tone!
    How far we seem to have come from the halcyon (smoke filled?) days of "cool Britannia" – who likes (or can deal with) this reality stuff?

    Comment by roger — 16 Aug 2005 on 3:29 pm | Link
  4. The latest test of whether Tony Blair is a hypocrite has surfaced:


    Is Tony going to publicly condemn Pat Robertson and demand that Bush prosecute him for incitement to terrorism? If saying that you can understand why suicide bombers might decide to blow themselves up makes you an extremist then calling for the assassination of a democratically elected leader must surely make you a terrorist.

    Comment by Uncarved Block — 23 Aug 2005 on 10:18 pm | Link
  5. The anti-terror proposals and "new laws" have nothing to do with stopping terrorism, and everything to do with big brother control. The Nazi’s in Germany and Communists in Russia are good example of governments that desired complete control over their citizens for obvious reasons.

    The many "lapses" of security over the past couple of years at the "House Of Commons" the Palace and winsor and the fact that all of the London bombers were British nationals show that none of these new messures would have had any effect what so ever on any one that seriously wanted to launch a terrorist attack in the UK. Similary in the US – the 9/11 bombers were Saudis so we decide to invade Iraq (good move)…

    Hence – These new measures have nothing to do with Terrorism and everything to do with control…

    Comment by Paul — 12 Sep 2005 on 3:39 pm | Link
  6. Absolutely true; even so, it’ll still happen regardless of who or how many know the truth. My personal view is that we’re approaching the end of the oil age (if we haven’t already reached it) and the Plutocracy are positioning themselves to subjugate the masses in order that they don’t have to sacrifice TOO much of their own lifestyle when the crash comes. Personally I think that’s a forlorn hope and a pretty lame & defeatist attitude, but one you’d pretty much expect from the rich elite. It would be much better for us all if we pulled together now before it’s completely too late – with all the technology & intelligence available today, surely a Manhatten Project to develop environmentally safe renewable energy sources would not be completely beyond the bounds of possibility? Sadly, that will never happen – not unless the Plutocracy themselves were directly threatened and had no chance of making any profit into the bargain. Then we’d see such an initiative launched in minutes…

    I also believe that the 7/7 bombers were nothing more than patsies and the whole thing was a stunt with the backing of our "government" headed by the murderer Bliar. There is too much evidence of planted witnesses, with others being ignored whose accounts were stronger; prior warnings; coincidental exercises run by a company who now refuse to speak to anyone; accounts of police shootings elsewhere; Mossad involvement with Underground CCTV; cancelled trains from Luton which would have made the "bombers" journeys impossible that day anyway; and so on. The purpose? Isn’t it obvious?!

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 12 Sep 2005 on 4:10 pm | Link

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