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Asked about the Prime Minister’s intentions to visit the G8 heads of state, the PMOS said that he realised that some journalists had been otherwise engaged yesterday but he had announced yesterday morning that the Prime Minister would be going to Rome shortly and hoped to visit President Bush, President Putin, Chancellor Schroeder and President Chirac before the middle of June. All of this was preparation for the G8 summit. This was symptomatic of the priorities we were giving to the G8 and were into a serious, detailed negotiation. You would never get at this early stage people’s ‘bottom line’. We had to wait for the actual summit for that to take place. Gleneagles was a very important point but it was only one point in the year as a whole because there was also the UN millennium summit in the autumn and the WTO conference in December in Hong Kong. We would drive from Gleneagles, pushing the agenda forward, push it forward in these visits, push it forward at Gleneagles and keep going afterwards in the other aspects as well.

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  1. Dear Tony Blair
    How are you ? We hope that you are fine. We would like to congratulate you for your relection. We watched through the night on BBC world and we saw that it was very democratic and peaceful and honest, without corruption. We hope that it is an excample for all leaders in the world. One does not need to cheat or use corruption to stay in power. So in that case we congratulate you once again on being an example for democracy.

    I admire what you did after your victory when you announced when you said you were going to step down. I think that was very democatic. And also when you say about giving global aid to the poor countries is a very good idea. I stand behind you 100% on the point, espedeally when you said that a leader that is not willing to practice or represent democracy should step domn. But also I think that it should not only be the issue. You should try to help the country to be democratic and replace dictators.
    From NOU the supporter of your ideoligy (Friends)
    Chairman Mr Muhammed M. Amin Dada.

    Comment by Muhammed Amin Dada — 25 May 2005 on 9:31 am | Link
    First of all we like to thank Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for doing the good work of bringing democracy to the country and opening up doors. But at the same time we believe more can be achieved and that is why we started NOU.

    NOU is not intrested in talking about what Uganda used to be like, only intrested in how Uganda is doing today and what is the future for Uganda.

    Our party stands for:

    More education in the country. So that the next four generations can built up a stronger country, because there hasn’t been enough education.

    More agriculture in the country so we can develop and use our own sources.

    More industries and resources.

    More healthcare. Cleaning of streets to reduce the danger of sickneses and people can breath clean air.

    No more poverty and ignorance in the country. We have built and planned for four generations ahead and also it is good to fight ignorance and poverty out of the country, ignorence is a serious disease.

    No more corruption in the country. Today there is to much corruption so it can not function. Corruption is a very serious disease which we going to hunt down. We need to attack it so the country can devolop.

    Our culture is important so we know how we are. We have to learn to live together and cooporate. The (Kabaka) King should always be respected in the country. And given rights as long as they are open minded.

    Uganda has been having serious problem because of AIDS and the war in the Northern part of the country. A lot of children have lost their parents. The solution is not the Military , we need to give youth help up to the age of twenty so they can have a start to a better life.

    The New Order of Uganda will have a chairman who leads the party to the power and will after 5-10 years in power atomatially step down so a new Chairman can be elected by the cabinet with help from the former Chairman without corruption or personal intrests.

    We would or will never except changes to the new consitutition simply because is in a persons interests.

    The NOU have no personal intrests, it is a party for all the people of Uganda.

    NOU is socialdemocratic party which believes in a free, independent Uganda where the people have the rights to decide.

    Today it seems to NOU that the country is moving backward instead of forward.

    Uganda should never have a president for life. It is not a Kingdom. It has changed to a republic.


    Chairman: Mr Muhammed A . Mbago

    Vice Chairman: Mrs Kalema Marlamu.

    Finance & Planning : Mr Muhammed A . Mbago and o thers fo be appointed.




    Freedom Human rights


    Chairman:0046/763169381,701423942, 709196673 mbago_nou@yahoo.com

    Vice Chairman : 00256 / 75986836

    From NOU the supporter of your ideoligy (Friends)
    Chairman Mr Muhammed M.Amin Dada

    Comment by Muhammed M. Amin Dada — 25 May 2005 on 9:44 am | Link
  3. Dear Ugandans!
    On my behalf I would like to say that it is very bad that we have lost the Honourable Dr Apollo Milton Obote RIP. I wish that he could be with us for another ten years because my understanding on the Uganda Politics is that we should remember that he is Honourable. Honourable Dr Apollo Milton Obote RIP is the head of the Uganda independence and the head of Ugandan Republic from the Buganda Kingdom.We could remember well what happened in the sixties before we got independence, and then I understand for some people this may be good news. Because under Dr Apollo Milton Obote regime Uganda has lost a few people which they said Dr Apollo Milton Obote RIP assassinated. But I think it is just suspicions because it has never been a trial or a hearing.
    On the issues about Honourable Dr Apollo Milton Obote RIP is atrocities in Luweero Triangle we should not blame Honourable Dr Apollo Milton Obote RIP because it was a two sided war.
    When that war took place it was between two fight groups and one group can always take advantage of the situation so it can get itself in the offices.
    On the point of this I would like to remind the Ugandans to be wise and openminded if we look at our history. Honourable Dr Apollo Milton Obote RIP time and Honourable Al Haji Field Marshall General Idi Oumee Amin Dada RIP time, they have not been so nice to people according to what people say.
    But also we know very good if we cannot learn from our history it can repeat itself. I keep saying it is shameful of us to lose Honourable Dr Apollo Milton Obote RIP may he rest in peace.
    I wish I had the opportunity to be there to show my respects. Not because of an enemy but also because he is the single man who had tried the best for the country. He had a lot of enemies on the corners who were just ready to destroy his name to be represented as the good people, themself. We wish all the best for Uganda Future. The way I understand African politics are marked by brutality, dictatorship, disorder, the leaders in Africa are not leading the country because of the people. It is just the power that they want it is not about the people.
    I suspect that guilty people since the 1970’s are still loose and in the country. The people who have been suspected are running for their life. The suspected people are still in the country. So Dr Apollo Milton Obote RIP is not the only suspect. It is bad that Dr Apollo Milton Obote RIP and Honourable Al Haji Field Marshall General Idi Oumee Amin Dada RIP are dead, so we know that we cannot really know who were guilty of the crimes.
    Let us, the Ugandans, give this Honourable Dr Apollo Milton Obote RIP a funeral and put ourself together and give him a decent funeral. He was a great man and he looked out for the people and country, not only the power. So to Honourable Dr Apollo Milton Obote’s family I would like to say I feel your pain and we are in the same shoes and I hope that his body will return to Uganda very soon for his funeral. I do remember very well in 1980 when I returned from the exile in Kenya to Uganda. I wish I could go to Dr Apollo Milton Obote’s funeral.
    I hope that his party finds a new leader who will be willing to run against us in 2011.

    We wish all the best for Uganda future
    From The chairman of NOU
    Muhammed Mbago Amin Dada.

    Comment by Muhammed M. Amin Dada — 13 Oct 2005 on 1:19 pm | Link

    The youngest expert in Uganda politics is only 30 years old and the reason why I call myself the youngest is the way I understands politics very well and the problem is adikted in politics and I have a dream for my country and I wish Uganda has a better future in the North, East, Central, South and in the West because today it does not look like Uganda has a future at all.
    I have two points which I find important for the people of Uganda and which the people needs to know: That there are certain elements in the country which the people have to focus on and realise they are not necessary to practice to other people those elements are:
    a. Racism
    b. Hatred
    c. Tribalism
    Thses elements should not play a big role in building our democracy:

    a) Racism we know what it has done to Uganda in the past like or what have happened in the Luwero.

    b) Hatred I believe what is going on in the north to Uganda is a result of the hatred for the south. That has moved on to the northern part. We try to deny it but it has taken place. I hope when the war in the northern place is finished that the northern part do not practice the same elements. If someone from north gets power I hope that he or she will not practice hatred.

    c) Tribalism is not good we have seen what has happened in the 1970s with the Acholi and Lango but I believe the Buganda have suffered a lot with the Tribalism and Hatred.
    Another element which I find and it disturbs me a lot is that even after 25 years Uganda is still living with Al Haji Gen. Idi Oumee Amin Dada ruling. Because the government of Uganda it can not act on it is own.

    If the government has failed to act on it is like bringing demorazy to the country bringing equality but it has take responsibility for the last 20 years by comparing itself to Al Haji Gen. Idi Oumee Amin Dada an the time to me, I see it that is a direct treat to the people of Uganda by telling they “goststories” about Al Haji Gen. Idi Oumee Amin Dada. And saying things are better than Al Haji Gen. Idi Oumee Amin Dadas time instead of the government doing its job.
    It has successfully ruled make people live in fear or believe in that there is no better future than the one Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni can offer.
    And it distorbs me very much to see that Al Haji Gen. Idi Oumee Amin Dada have been a topic all the time instead.

    Instead of us realizing that Al Haji Gen. Idi Oumee Amin Dada was just an individual and so he could made mistakes. The reason why I am really concerned for this Al Haji Gen. Idi Oumee Amin Dada thing is because I know he has alot of children and those children are not Al Haji Gen. Idi Oumee Amin Dada but some people and I myself believe the Amin Dada family is a very large family which has at least 80 children and you can not judge all them to be a copy of Al Haji Gen. Idi Oumee Amin Dada.
    So me as a politican I know that they will be a part of Ugandan or Uganda’s politics. If not children maybe the grandchilden and also a many others leaders in Uganda have children too but I did not mention them because I do not believe they play a big role in Uganda’s politics.

    So the government must stop to practice the stories from 1970s or comparing the country with 1970s because now it is end of 2005 and we desperately need that future and we will demand for it. I believe Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni did it and so can we also.
    I wish the best for Uganda democracy and freedom and also I hope that the guns will not rule because the people are more powerful than the gun.

    For God and my country !
    From NOU the supporter of
    your ideoligy (Friends)
    The chairman. Mr Muhammed Mbago

    From Sweden

    Comment by Muhammed Mbago Amin Dada II — 13 Dec 2005 on 12:58 pm | Link

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