» Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Queen’s Speech

Asked when the Europe Bill would come to Parliament the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) said that we would announce the timetable for Bills as and when appropriate. As usual it would take a few days to have the normal discussions that went on before we could announce. This was the usual precedent. We would not get drawn into guessing games. It was best that the normal discussions took place through the usual channels in the first instance.

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Asked if there was any leak inquiry into the "extraordinary" number of secret documents leaked to Sunday newspapers during the election campaign that were later found to be genuine, such as the minute of the Crawford Texas meeting and the Attorney General's advice the PMOS said that we took very seriously the leaking of any document and this kind of document in particular. He had not heard any explanation as to why there were so many leaks, but he had no doubt that there would be the proper inquiries made. As to what form they would be that was a matter for the Cabinet Office.

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Foreign Secretary

Asked why the Foreign Secretary was in the United States the PMOS said that he had planned to be in the US to meet with Condoleeza Rice and to give a speech. He had planned to do so before the opposition choose tomorrow as the day for the Foreign Affairs debate. As people would know doubt be aware it was the opposition that choose the order of debates and not the Government.

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