» Friday, November 12, 2004

Pro Hunt Supporters

Asked what the Prime Minister’s message would be to the pro hunt supporters protesting outside Parliament next week, the PMS said that the Hunt Bill was still being debated in the Lords, and we would not comment on the bill until the process was completed.

Asked if the Prime minister hoped the protest would be peaceful, the PMS replied that we always hoped that protests were peaceful.

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  1. The banning of fox hunting will not benefit the fox one bit , in fact it will have the opposite effect. This huge desire to introduce a ban on the part of your MP’s is borne out of ignorance and bigotry and certainly not an issue that can be resolved by the un democratic use of the parliament act.

    You have created this mess and the whole countrtyside is about to erupt!

    Comment by Adam Jason Groves — 12 Nov 2004 on 2:14 pm | Link
  2. This is not only about banning the hunt, this is about slowley destroying countrylife and traddition altogether. It’s about people with big mouths and lots of cash dictating to the hard working country loving people of Britain. We may only be a minority, but it’s this minority who keep our landscapes looking picturess and perfect. As the goverment slowly dragg us down the countryside will be dragged down with us. Then they’ll be sorry.

    Comment by Jennifer Jackson — 22 Nov 2004 on 2:24 pm | Link
  3. No, this is about banning hunting with dogs. It is not an attack on some nebulous concept of ‘the countryside’.

    Why is it that people who try to defend fox hunting always try to claim that banning it is an attack on the countryside or a class war instead of trying to justify why hunting should be continued? The only sensible conclusion seems to be that all of these so-called justifications for hunting are nonesense.

    ‘The countryside’ survived the banning of bear bating and cock fighting so I don’t see why the world will fall apart just because people aren’t allowed to get dogs to tear foxes to bits.

    Comment by Uncarved Block — 23 Nov 2004 on 11:30 am | Link
  4. Actually Bear Baiting and cock fighting generally took place in towns where there would be larger audience for it. Get your facts straight.

    Comment by Jake — 25 Nov 2004 on 6:46 pm | Link
  5. Which ‘facts’ did I get wrong?

    Yet more sniping at the fringes without tackling the main issue.

    Comment by Uncarved Block — 25 Nov 2004 on 8:30 pm | Link
  6. Cock fighting took place everywhere.

    Studley, Warks – a ‘village’ still has the ‘arena’ where the fights took place.

    Comment by Roger Huffadine — 26 Nov 2004 on 4:40 pm | Link

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