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Asked for the PM’s expectations for Thursday, the PMS said that this was being co-organised with the French, that there were due to be a large number of delegations there and that the agenda and logistics were still being worked through. Asked if there were any specific aspirations for the meeting, the PMS said that it would discuss what more the international community could do to help the Libyan’s reach their goal of a secure, peaceful, Libyan-led country.

Asked if the Government would like to extradite Megrahi back to the UK, the PMS said that the decision to release Megrahi was a matter for the Scottish executive, and that the PM’s view, that Megrahi should not have been released, had not changed. Asked if we would oppose any attempt by the US to extradite him, the PMS said it was a matter for the Scottish authorities. Asked if the PM agreed with Andrew Mitchell’s comment that it was academic’ whether Megrahi was extradited or not, the PMS said that the Government’s position on Megrahi had not changed.

Asked for the Government’s understanding of the National Transitional Council’s (NTC) view on extraditing Libyan nationals, the PMS said the Government was working very closely with the NTC on their immediate priorities. As the Foreign Secretary said, there are some outstanding issues with Libya, and discussions would take place when appropriate. The PMS said the PC Fletcher case was an ongoing police investigation and that the Government was working closely with the NTC to make sure that, at the appropriate time, we could continue those investigations in Libya.

Asked if the Government was content that the NTC would cooperate with the Fletcher case if police went out, the PMS said that we hoped they would. She said that the NTC had their priorities of establishing security, but that we were in discussions with the NTC on a number of issues, including this one.

Asked if there was police representation at the NSC, the PMS said that she wouldn’t comment on individuals.

Asked why the British Embassy in Tripoli hadn’t reopened, the PMS said that a further British diplomatic mission had arrived in Tripoli, that they are working with the NTC, and that the Embassy would be reopened in due course. Asked if more British diplomats would be sent out, the PMS said it is likely and that the Foreign Office would have more details.

Asked if the British Government was helping the NTC in the hunt for Qadhafi, the PMS said that was a matter for the Libyans. She said that Britain was enacting the UN resolution, contributing to the NATO mission and supporting the NTC, but not specifically involved in the search.

Asked if the Government was expecting the UN to produce a new resolution, lifting the freeze on Libyan assets, the PMS said the Government was working to encourage international partners to support the resolution, but that we didn’t know when there might be a vote.

Asked if there were any British assets involved in the hunt for Qadhafi, the PMS said that we were supporting the NATO mission and the NTC, but that there were no troops on the ground in Libya, apart from the military advisors supporting the NTC, and that she wouldn’t comment on Special Forces.

Asked if the PM regretted that Qadhafi’s family had managed to get into Algeria, the PMS said that the Qadhafi regime needed to be brought to justice, and that Britain supported the NTC’s mission to do that.

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