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The Prime Minister’s Official Spokesman briefed journalists about the Chancellor’s Budget. The PMOS said that the Chancellor had given a Budget presentation to the Cabinet this morning. The Chancellor had set out how the UK economy was enjoying its longest period of uninterrupted economic growth, with 2.4 million more jobs than in 1997. However, the presentation had made clear that with global competition growing – especially from India and China – the Government could not afford to be complacent, or for there to be any relaxation of fiscal discipline.

This afternoon’s Budget, therefore, would set out detailed measures to lock in Britain’s economic stability, and to make the most of the opportunities of globalisation, including making further essential investments, particularly by investing in science, skills and measures to protect the environment.

Asked if there were any words from the Prime Minister on the Budget, the PMOS said no.

Put that this was a snub, the PMOS replied that if it was, it had been a snub for the past few years, in that case!

Put that it was therefore a long-running snub, the PMOS said that he pleaded guilty, m’lud!!

Asked when did the longest period of uninterrupted growth go back to, the PMOS said people should speak to the Treasury for further details.

Put that it was the same figure every year, the PMOS replied that he wanted it noted that he had disassociated himself from the cynicism in the lobby room!

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  1. Where is Chuck? The country is in hock to the eyeties, bird flu approaches, a general strike looms, the middle east is ablaze and Chuck is nowhere to be seen. At a time when we lonesome insomniacs badly need his humourless, know-it-all approach to current affairs there is no Chuck.

    Its a hard rain’s a-gonna fall. I think John Lennon said that. Great man, John Lennon. Died for peace, you know. Peace and heroin and wife beating. And money.

    Comment by tasty macfadden — 23 Mar 2006 on 1:06 am | Link
  2. It all depends on your sense of humour…..

    Comment by Chuck Unsworth — 25 Mar 2006 on 2:57 pm | Link
  3. It all depends on your sense of humour…..

    Comment by Chuck Unsworth — 25 Mar 2006 on 2:58 pm | Link
  4. No need to repeat yourself, just because I missed you.

    ANyway, glad to see you’re still alive and looking like a saint. I think Caspar Weinberger said that but he has joined the grateful dead, not a moment too soon.

    Betcha any money you like that Reichsnarschall Straw will get a nice little pension from Guns’n’deathRus,Inc. USA

    Comment by tasty macfadden — 2 Apr 2006 on 3:33 am | Link
  5. Repetion? What Repetion?

    Repetion? What Repetion?

    Repetion? What Repetion?

    Repetion? What Repetion?

    Comment by Chuck Unsworth — 3 Apr 2006 on 11:35 am | Link

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