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Asked when the Prime Minister was expecting a smoking ban to be introduced, the PMOS said that the Bill had yet to complete its journey through Parliament. As he had said yesterday, once that had been done there would be no delay in its implementation. Asked if the Chancellor had suggested that there should be a delay, the PMOS said that he was not aware of any such proposal. Questioned as to when the implementation of the Bill might be expected, the PMOS referred journalists to the Department of Health for a response.

Asked if the Prime Minister had assessed the impact of a smoking ban on pensions since more people would live longer if they – and others – did not smoke, the PMOS pointed out that a pensions review was currently under way in which issues such as this would no doubt be considered.

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  1. This is England’s business. MPs from Scotland and Wales should keep their damned noses out of it!
    What will it take to put a stop to this disgraceful condition New Labour has imposed on England? Democratic accountability – look it up, Tweedledee and Tweedledum (McDowning Street must be getting pretty crowded with all the jocks cramming into it!)

    Comment by Della Petch — 16 Feb 2006 on 5:27 pm | Link
  2. So, "no delay" = 18 months
    I wonder what "soon" would =

    Comment by Roger Huffadine — 16 Feb 2006 on 6:13 pm | Link
  3. ‘No delay’ = ‘soon’ = ‘immediately’ = ‘never’ = ‘possibly’ = ‘when we think we can get away with it’.

    We should recognise that whatever Downing Street says means whatever it wants it to mean at any time.

    The whole of our great English vocabulary has been traduced by these public servants. Their daily lying, obfuscation and dissimulation have left us with no language and no truth. Even ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ mean nothing.

    Comment by Chuck Unsworth — 16 Feb 2006 on 7:19 pm | Link
  4. I’d like it explained why this belated tender regard for the health of bar staff and any non-smokers present doesn’t extend to the Palace of Westminster, where smoking in the many bars will apparently continue regardless. Does the hot air neutralise the smoke, perhaps?

    Comment by Michael McCarthy — 17 Feb 2006 on 10:27 am | Link

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