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Work Programme

When challenged on the Work Programme (WP) statistics released this morning, the PMS said it was important to recognise that this was only the first phase of the programme. He said the WP was proving successful in getting people off benefits.

When challenged whether the WP was actually getting people into work, the PMS cautioned against evaluating the scheme part way through. He made clear that the Government was now measuring something it had never measured before how long people stay in a job. He reiterated that the Government would only pay providers if a person was found a real and sustainable job.

When asked if people were just getting recycled through the system, the PMS said it was a complicated picture and it could take some time for people who had been out of work for a long time to get a sustainable job.

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    Comment by Mark Patrick Norris — 27 Nov 2012 on 10:47 pm | Link

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