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PM’s daughter

Asked whether she could say more about how the PM came to leave his daughter in the pub, the Prime Minister’s Official Spokesman (PMS) said no and pointed journalists to what had been said in reports today.

Asked to repeat what has been said she said the PM was distraught when he realised he had left his daughter in the pub, he was reassured that she was fine and immediately went to collect her. Asked whether he had had a drink, she said she didn’t know that detail. He had gone with friends at lunchtime with various different families and they had left in different vehicles.

Asked if the PM’s close protection team were there, she confirmed that was the case. When it was put to her that is it not worrying they did not know a member of the Cameron family was missing, she said she would not talk about security issues around the PM, but arrangements are always kept under review.

Asked whether, given he was in the pub for a pub lunch, presumably he had a drink she said she did not know. She referred the lobby to political colleagues. Asked to clarify who went to pick Nancy up, she said it was the PM who went back. [Later this fact was corrected: the PM’s wife collected Nancy.]

Asked when exactly it happened, she confirmed it was about two months ago but that she did not have specific dates. Asked if the PM or the security team drove, she said she did not know who drove the vehicle but the important thing is he went back immediately when he realised she was missing.

Asked if there was there anything in particular on his mind at the weekend, the PMS said he’s a very busy man as you know, but he tries to live as normal a life as possible with his family. He does frequently go to different engagements with friends including going to the pub. Asked if this has ever happened before, she said she did not believe it had. When it was put to her that others have come forward to say they’ve done similar things and been visited by Social Services, and asked whether this had happened here, she replied that it had not. Asked if she thought it had highlighted in the PM’s mind the issue of child kidnapping, she repeated he was distraught when he realised the mix up, any parent would be concerned, but these things happen. Asked if he would be happy to see Social Services, the replied she was not going to comment further on this. Asked if he was worried about other families being visited by Social Services for such minor cases, she said she was not aware of Social Services’ policy for one offs like this and referred journalists to the relevant department.

Asked whose fault was it, the PMS said there was a mix up; Sam thought the PM had Nancy and vice-versa; there were lots of children there. They take responsibility for their children.

Asked if the family all travel in the same vehicle, she said the parents were in different vehicles. Asked whether there were any children not from the Cameron family in the car with protective security, she said she did not know which children were in which car.Asked if there are any rules about official cars and giving a lift to friends, she said she would not get into the ins and outs of who does and doesn’t get into the PM’s car. The PM was taken back in his car; we don’t provide lists of who travels in the PM’s car.

Asked whether the Cameron children should be travelling outside official cars, she said she was not going to talk about security issues. Asked if there was an inquiry, she said there was not an official inquiry but reminded journalists that clearly the PM realised immediately what had happened and did something about it.

Asked if anyone was facing disciplinary action or if this was a security breach, she said no and she wouldn’t comment on security matters.

Asked how often does the PM go to the pub, she said he tries to live a normal a life as possible; he goes occasionally. Asked if the PM and Samantha are accepting 100 per cent blame, she said as parents they are responsible for their children.

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