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Iraq Inquiry

Asked how the Prime Minister felt about being out-manoeuvred over the Chilcot inquiry, the PMS said that he would reject the assertion that the Prime Minister had been out-manoeuvred. The Prime Minister was keen to take up the opportunity to state the case as to why Britain was right to take the action that it did. The Prime Minister had been entirely consistent throughout this process. The Prime Minister’s office and the Inquiry team would agree when the evidence could be given.

Asked if the Prime Minister would be giving evidence for a full day, the PMS said it was not for him to comment on. Put that there was some unhappiness this morning that Sir John Chilcot himself did not get to announce the fact that the Prime Minister would be appearing before the general election and that his appearance could be used politically, the PMS said that the Prime Minister completely agreed that this should not be a political platform. That was why he had left it entirely to Sir John Chilcot to determine when he should be asked to give evidence; the Prime Minister had nothing to hide from the inquiry. This was the first official comment on the matter.

Asked if the Prime Minister was expecting a rough ride, the PMS replied that the Prime Minister welcomed the opportunity. It was an important, independent inquiry that the Prime Minister had instigated.

Asked if the Prime Minister would be making the argument that Britain was right to go to war, the PMS said that the Prime Minister’s view was that it was a good opportunity for him to set out the case and to answer any questions that were put to him.

Asked if the Prime Minister’s decision to take this forward had anything to do with Geoff Hoon’s evidence, the PMS said that this had nothing to do with the evidence given by Geoff Hoon. The Prime Minister had been solidly consistent on this issue from the beginning.

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  1. After weeks and weeks of utter WAFFLE being spouted at the Iraq inquiry its about time for Tony Bliar to come out with the real truth of how we went to war. After the Iraqi’s were driven out of Kuwait George Bush (and Bliar) realised that saddam would not be selling any oil or oil products to the west, including the American state of Israel. An excuse was now needed so as to invade Iraq and aquire access to the oil reserves. What a wonderful idea, lets say there is weapons of mass destruction ready for use at short notice. Bush and Bliar will never admit to this of course. I liken Bush & Bliar as the Organ grinder with his monkey. At the end of the day “A BARREL OF OIL IS WORTH MORE THAN A HUMAN LIFE.

    Comment by Neil Hague — 25 Jan 2010 on 9:17 pm | Link

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